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  1. Been trolling through the forums and have noticed a lot of folks wanting changes to the current stat system. I'm having a lot of fun reading y'alls ideas so I figured I'd make a post about it. If you could totally overhaul the stat system would you, and what would you change? For me I think I would make it: Might: Weapon Damage +/- 3%, +/-2 Fortitude Dexterity: Action Speed +/- 3%, +/-2 Reflex Constitution: +/-3% HP, +1 Deflection +/-2 Fortitude (change name to Resilience) Perception: accuracy +/- 1, AOE +/- 6%, +/-2 reflex Intellect: Affliction Duration +/- 5%,
  2. You'd have to flavor it right. For example a beguiler being able to use their cipher powers to not only enhance their own cipher abilities but their wizard and priest magic as well.
  3. My guess is the next backer update, whenever that is.
  4. Id like to see a return of con and interrupt perhaps with some new changes. however if Obs really likes the new system my suggestion is make might damage oriented, while resolve does deflection, healing, and healing received (does not apply to self healing). The healing bonus means support classes will like it and those that can't self heal still receive a sustain bonus.
  5. I like that the system is easier to understand. However, I like the old system better because Constitution is more important as it also increase Health and it prevents Healing from being to strong.
  6. I'd love some pre-made adventurers by the devs too. I think the companions and the lesser companions (forgot the name) fill this roll too, but it'd be fun to have some pre-made characters for roll playing reasons.
  7. I've been messing around with the system a little bit and I like the more streamlined feel. However I think that they should expand proficiency points a little bit to include the more general abilities. for example casting proficiency for elements and attack proficiency for different types of enemies. Honestly a lot of the complaints i'm seeing here could be solved by making proficiency a more meaningful choice than what weapons you're character will use, as by the third proficiency point it feels fairly useless.
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