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  1. So much hate, lol. Try not to stereotype me, plz. I play games for fun and for fun only. That's the sole point of their existence. But fun, for me, is the gameplay. Sure, lots of people play these games for story and atmosphere - great for them. But I'm just finding the writing and thus the atmosphere in the majority of games (Pillars included) to be utter schlock. Like, I'm reading through Philip K. ****'s bibliography right now. And it's awesome. But I have no idea how to enjoy game writing right after that. The discrepancy in writing levels is just devastating. Even the ability to r
  2. Well, first, most of those things you've listed cost guile and that's not exactly endless. Quite the contrary. Second, you don't need 18 penetration - what for? You need enough to pierce through the armor and other classes are already achieving this all right. Third, as long as the casters reside in the current shape, the Assassin will have no real usage. To have a glass cannon that goes through many hoops to deal 100-ish damage to one character or to have a glass cannon that is much more reliable and that deals 100-ish damage to many characters. Isn't much of a choice.
  3. My conclusions based on the POTD play: Tier-A: Chanters of all kinds - best casters in the game. Fastest spells in the game which perfectly scale up to any combat lenghth. The spells themselves are also crazily good - Hel-Hiraf is amazing, summons are great, even after the nerf, The Killers Froze Stiff is still very good as paralyze is incredibly strong debuff and clubs make it very easy to land. Not Felled By the Axe also has some potential to be good, more so after the upgrade. Early phrases are kinda bad, but that ends once the power level 3 comes. Oh, and they're the least stat-de
  4. Ranger is more of a tanky character so Wael should be the best priestly choice for him - he will be holding real good under the Arcane Veil while dealing some ok-ish damage with his Arbalest (which is probably the best ranged weapon right now). Druids atm are kinda bad at everything but healing so druid/chanter mix is definitely a good idea, especially given how strong chanters are. That will make a very strong supportive character.
  5. To add another small but annoying inconsistency with weapon specializations - for Great Sword and its Savage Attack, the +50% damage modifier is just basic damage bonus. For lvl 5 pure fighter with 2-handed style, 19 strength and fine greatsword, the damage goes from 36-45 to 50-62. That's +38%, actually. Meaning that the more other passive bonuses you get, the worse it becomes and, since the malus here is a scaling one, eventually this skill will be bringing more harm than help (which is why savage attack was a horrible choice in the first part of the game - the -5 accuracy was not big e
  6. In the other thread, someone has said that it took him 1300 dexterity to reach 0 recovery time. Might it be a hint that it's actually the division that gets used here, similar to the reload time from the first game?
  7. Actually, 0 recovery is not attainable by the dual-wielding. It provides a multiplier, not a straight bonus. It can easily put you low and it can negate lots of the other negatives, but it can't get you in that zero zone and, actually, the more action discounts you're getting, the worse it becomes. I.e., if you have full 100% recovery, dual-wielding cuts 50% from that. But if you already have 50 only, you're getting nothing but 25. So actual speedsters (if they'll be present) won't bother with dualing as much.
  8. Don't forget that the Arquebus has a much better modal than Arbalest. Maybe not universally so, but Assassin/Bleak Walker + Aimed Shot + Flames of Devotion is a guaranteed +65 shot with lots of basic penetration to reach that 2x=30% multiplier mark. That's 28 base damage on the average + 56 from backstab & sneak + 4.2 from weapon quality + 28 from assassin crit bonus - 116.2 in total. Next we're having 33% strength modifier as a living lands dwarf or aumaua ('cause this is what this build needs), ramping it into 154.4 zone. Next we add up Bleak Walker's 75% elemental bonus - 270.2 already
  9. You really should be taking penetration into account. There's a 4 point discrepancy between the hunting bow and arquebus and that's a world of difference.
  10. Yeah I watched your video and tested myself, I thought dual wielding pistol will reduce reload time but it didn't Really awful for auto attack, only use is for Full Attacks like FoD. The problem is, even there it's kinda questionable. Sure, you're getting 4 attacks with +8 accuracy (as you're losing 12 from one-handed style) and 75% extra damage (if you're bleak, 50 otherwise), but at the cost of all other attacks losing 12 accuracy - that's 24% of damage across the board and I think they totally negate the gains here. Actually, I think it lowers your DPS overall as even a powerful bu
  11. Dual pistols are awful so you shouldn't be using them, duh. There, problem solved.
  12. I'd say that the biggest problem of current spellcasters is not even their speed - it's their accuracy. You can say that debuffs got really debilitating right now and whereas previously, say, Hobble was mostly for lulz, now it's a much more impactful ability. Ditto for sickened - sickened is insane. Ditto for Dazed. Some abilities just were good and remained good - Blinded, for example. The problem, however, is that the amount of casts is really limited while the accuracy of casts is atrocious. And while physical fighters have tons of accuracy boosters available, casters have pretty much n
  13. Right now, Con is one of the weakest stats in the game. While those +5% of health per attribute point may seem like a lot (and indeed, it was a buff from even weaker +3% per attribute point), in reality, two factors ruin its usefulness: 1. Now that health/endurance system is out of the window, Constitution is no longer controlling how much regeneration you can receive. And lots of healing happens in the combat. And every time it happens it's, like, receiving a bonus to your starting health pool - there's no real difference. So 80 hp versus 120 hp might seem like a colossal difference. But
  14. Mosquito is the best out of them. While it has "only" 0.75 interrupt, it's also a fast weapon, meaning that it attacks much 1.5 times more than those average speed weapons.
  15. The changes aren't that big, actually, so the build should work rather well. The only thing is that most of the 4 & 5 level powers are quite worthless now so you'll never cast them. And pain link is no longer free. Otherwise, the build got immensely buffed - psychovampiric provides much more survivability (which was the main thing that the melee cipher lacked), amplified thrust is insanely broken atm (will sometimes get fixed, I guess) and you can even experiment with the outlander's rage in the late game.
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