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  1. Oh wow! Thank you for fast reply! I'm enjoying Deadfire! Waiting for the third game (while waiting, I'm writing some fanfiction :3).
  2. Soooo I decided to give this game another shot (after I've lost my game saves yet again...) and now it looks like there is a bug with the Stewart. When I reached the point at which I have the access to my ship, I can't click on Stewart. There is no dialogue tree involved, nothing pops. I can't ask her about anything and stuff (and if I recall correctly you were able to talk to here anytime you wanted after you go your ship). Here is my game save file: https://ufile.io/5avth
  3. Hello there! I was not using him at all. :v And if he died during ship battle (I didn't know it was possible for companions) then I probably haven't seen that. Shame. Gotta replay the whole game once more to keep all of my companions alive (gotta be careful during ship battles). Thank you for your time and your answer.
  4. Okay, soo... I've wanted to add Konstanten and Fassina to my party and that's when strange things happen. I do not have Konstanten in my companions roster (even though I recruited him in the brothel). He vanished from the ship as well... I can't find him anywhere and I don't know at which point of the game he disappeared. I do not want to replay the whole game just to get him once more but also I don't want to lose the ability to gain all the achievements by using the console (if necessary in that case). Here's the save game file: https://ufile.io/a790h
  5. I thought that Vatnir might be the next companion, not a sidekick, but still... He deserves my love and I will protect him! <3 Can't wait to meet him. :3
  6. Okay, I have a few questions: 1. Do all deities have their special descendants (godlikes from their domains)? Mainly interested in Wael's and Abydon's. 2. If you were planning to do a third game, then would the relationships with possibly returning companions be continued in it? 3. Will all the new story dlcs provide us with new companions and increase of the level cap? 4. Is there a possibility that a (possible) new companion from story dlc will have a spot for a deeper (romantic) relationship with our Watcher?
  7. Yeah, same issue here. I have finally Vela, but Eder is still with Night Market even if his ending from PoE was beinga mayor. But still, great job with this patch! I can finally play Deadfire and I'm loving it! <3
  8. Yeah, really great job! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! <3
  9. Yeah. Xoti, Aloth and Ydwin look different than before. :3 Maybe others as well but with less visible changes.
  10. I'm like totally in love both in Laura and Travis, soooo that's a amazing news for me. Unfortunately I will have to put Laura's character on side, mostly because I already established my first party. But boy oh boy, next time this priestess will be allowed to travel in me for good and bad. :3 Also seeing Pikey playing as a Ydwin going to be soooooooooooooooooooo good. :D
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