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  1. I edited one of the official portraits to possible make her more dwarfy and slightly less vailian-looking for my boreal dwarf character. I really like it.
  2. I've been thinking of making a Wanderer (monk/ranger) for a while now. But every (lone) wanderer needs a hood to hide their identity and I bloody love this dorf portrait so here is the fruits of this mornings labour.
  3. After 40+ hours with a ghost heart I'd say it's essential for a melee ranger. Instead of something you have to constantly babysit, the pet becomes what it is supposed to be: extra damage sponge and damage dealer that can easily flank mobs (you can summon it behing a line of enemies). Does not require healing (ranger can't heal it anyway) and if it dies there is no penalty and you just summon it again. Costs 1 bond which is nothing. All in all a vast improvement on the regular ranger.
  4. The crew. My angry dwarf watcher's out for Eothas' blood and doing it with two eothasians, what a twist. I love it.
  5. It's funny that barbarians and rangers don't get much praise in this poll. Perceived value and all that. I'm currently doing a PotD run (everything level-scaled, only upwards) with a savage (barbarian/ghost heart) with Eder and Xoti in the party and doing very well. Savage is a nice combination of barbs damage potential and rangers accuracy bonusses and survivability with the summonable spirit pet (very easy to flank mobs).
  6. I have this bug as well. What I've noticed however is that the savegame files themselves haven't actually gone anywhere, they are still in my savegame folder. What seems to be the problem is when you start up the game a random number of saved games appear on the load menu, never all of them and often missing the latest one.
  7. That is not a claymore. The mod I have made only replace the model of Whisper of the Endliss Paths, but yes, it is also possible to mod a new weapon with this model. Nice, I'll be using that for sure.
  8. I had to revert back to the last official patch because the game wouldn't even start with the beta patch. Just the windows "loading" mouse cursor after clicking on the icon followed by a message that the program is not responding.
  9. Here you go. My edit of that portrait and watercolor to go with it: lg sm convo si
  10. To be honest I'm somewhat glad. I got so little time to play anything, I've got something like 10+ hours played in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and I installed it few hours after it was released. That was a month ago. Now I have a good chance to finish it before Deadfire.
  11. Goddammit I hate the attention culture nowdays. "Look at me look at me I did this thing look at me!". Great, now keep it to yourself.
  12. I thought of this as well. Aumaua could loot armor from another aumaua, dwarf from another dwarf etc. Humans and elfs could maybe share armors but that would give them quite an advantage.
  13. Class. I think I went with normal difficulty because of solo but might change it to hard because I did PotD before.
  14. I'm way too neurotic to even consider Trial of Iron, I'd be going through the game in slow mode and pausing every second. I went with the "easy" class and chose a monk. No reliance on weapons; armor is pretty much "as long as you got some". Thus far I'm loving it because things on you now have somekind of value. The measly flagon of ale is suddenly your friend in the dark dungeon.
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