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  1. I edited one of the official portraits to possible make her more dwarfy and slightly less vailian-looking for my boreal dwarf character. I really like it.
  2. I've been thinking of making a Wanderer (monk/ranger) for a while now. But every (lone) wanderer needs a hood to hide their identity and I bloody love this dorf portrait so here is the fruits of this mornings labour.
  3. After 40+ hours with a ghost heart I'd say it's essential for a melee ranger. Instead of something you have to constantly babysit, the pet becomes what it is supposed to be: extra damage sponge and damage dealer that can easily flank mobs (you can summon it behing a line of enemies). Does not require healing (ranger can't heal it anyway) and if it dies there is no penalty and you just summon it again. Costs 1 bond which is nothing. All in all a vast improvement on the regular ranger.
  4. The crew. My angry dwarf watcher's out for Eothas' blood and doing it with two eothasians, what a twist. I love it.
  5. It's funny that barbarians and rangers don't get much praise in this poll. Perceived value and all that. I'm currently doing a PotD run (everything level-scaled, only upwards) with a savage (barbarian/ghost heart) with Eder and Xoti in the party and doing very well. Savage is a nice combination of barbs damage potential and rangers accuracy bonusses and survivability with the summonable spirit pet (very easy to flank mobs).
  6. I have this bug as well. What I've noticed however is that the savegame files themselves haven't actually gone anywhere, they are still in my savegame folder. What seems to be the problem is when you start up the game a random number of saved games appear on the load menu, never all of them and often missing the latest one.
  7. That is not a claymore. The mod I have made only replace the model of Whisper of the Endliss Paths, but yes, it is also possible to mod a new weapon with this model. Nice, I'll be using that for sure.
  8. I had to revert back to the last official patch because the game wouldn't even start with the beta patch. Just the windows "loading" mouse cursor after clicking on the icon followed by a message that the program is not responding.
  9. Here you go. My edit of that portrait and watercolor to go with it: lg sm convo si
  10. To be honest I'm somewhat glad. I got so little time to play anything, I've got something like 10+ hours played in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and I installed it few hours after it was released. That was a month ago. Now I have a good chance to finish it before Deadfire.
  11. Goddammit I hate the attention culture nowdays. "Look at me look at me I did this thing look at me!". Great, now keep it to yourself.
  12. I thought of this as well. Aumaua could loot armor from another aumaua, dwarf from another dwarf etc. Humans and elfs could maybe share armors but that would give them quite an advantage.
  13. Class. I think I went with normal difficulty because of solo but might change it to hard because I did PotD before.
  14. I'm way too neurotic to even consider Trial of Iron, I'd be going through the game in slow mode and pausing every second. I went with the "easy" class and chose a monk. No reliance on weapons; armor is pretty much "as long as you got some". Thus far I'm loving it because things on you now have somekind of value. The measly flagon of ale is suddenly your friend in the dark dungeon.
  15. I hear what you are saying. When something goes way off the curve it benefits no one. Just, let's see if there a better solution than hard restrictions. For once we are on the verge of having a game where a thing like corpse-eating ranger with a spirit pet is possible and I'd rather not give away that creative freedom in turn for practicality.
  16. One of the most vocal critisism hurled towards PoE was "why are you rigorously balancing a single-player game?!?". And to an extent they had a point. So how about we not try to completely screw this one up because multi-classing is one of the main selling points of Deadfire. Cutting half of it just before launch will bring a sh*tstorm of epic proportions.
  17. PoE was somewhat unique in that it managed to combine classic swords and heroes fantasy with just the right ammount of technology to make it feel fresh. The level of technology is such that it doesn't make melee weapons completely obsolete. So no, you are not getting a damn gatling gun.
  18. That is not a dwarf, that is a shorter human. Goddammit Obsidian, beign a lump of meat is THE dwarven thing. That guy needs a heavy dose of beer and beef.
  19. I've been thinking for a while of a sort of "realism run" challenge for PoE with heavy emphasis on roleplaying. The idea is to take as realistic approach to the way you play the game as possible. This involves lots of self-imposed restrictions and ignoring of the arcade elements in the game, biggest one being the infinite inventory known as Stash. Expert mode is naturally on but lets take it even further. Inventory management and gear is _the_ big issue here. First, looting armor is not allowed. This makes sense because when comissioned, armor is fitted to the person it was made for. If you already have a fitting and combat-tested armor it would be quite a gamble to take someone elses even if you happen to find one that seamingly fits. You don't know who made it or from exactly what it's made of. Only way to acquire new set of armor is to buy it from an artisan vendor. That is someone operating within a smithy or who has ties to one. That aumaua in Gilded Vale is one that comes to mind. Looting armor in order to sell it is also not allowed because hauling around an extra set of armor makes you decisively cribled in combat. And you are not a packmule. And yes, this effectively makes every armor that an NPC drops unavailable to you. Weaponry. You can loot a weapon. However the ammount of weaponry on you (including personal inventory) is restricted to a main weapon and a sidearm. In case of two-handers the sidearm must be a small category weapon or a pistol/blunderbuss. Large one-handed melee weapons can be carried with either another large one-hander or a small weapon/pistol/blunderbuss. Small category weapons and pistols/blunderbusses can be carried three at a time provided those are the only weapons on you. Shields and implements are considered as a large one-hander. Jewlery and non-body armor gear. Rings and necklases are small enough objects to carry a sackful around so they don't have any other restrictions except the limits of ones personal inventory slots. Other gear like boots and capes are small enough to carry one extra item in your personal inventory in addition to those on your character. Other stuff. This comes back to the "you are not a packmule"-argument. Liquid is heavy in large quantities so 5 potions is maximum. Wether those are all healing potions or buffing ones is up to you. More variation will cost you in inventory slots though. On top of that 6 portions (1 stack) of your favorite alcoholic beverages (like beer) is allowed and 12 food items (2 stacks, adventurers gotta eat). Looting potions or anything that goes to your mouth is discouraged, who knows what those freaks have in them. Better buy it from a respectable vendor. Scrolls are a piece of paper so you are restricted by your inventory slots here. Same thing for books and grimoires though you really need to love books to sacrifice what little room you have in your backpack for them. Summoning items yet again the same thing as well as lockpicks and similar adventure gear. Lockpicks and traps etc. needs to be in your personal inventory for you to be able to use them. Crafting materials like herbs and animal parts goes automaticly to stash and if they don't you can put them there. The game throws heaps of that stuff at you so better to treat them as seperate thing. Using stash on the road is not allowed, not even when resting. However when you are about to loot yourself a new weapon or a piece of gear (other than bodyarmor) you can stash the old one. The size of your stash should always remain within the perimeters of what one can carry comfortably when heading back to town to sell your obsolete gear. You can also ditch gear into bodies or containers if your stash contains more than couple of items. Items related to quests are exempt from all this. Also disarmed traps are automatically added to your inventory so there is not much choice here but to stash or ditch them if you don't want them taking up precious personal inventory space. Mind you stashing is considered as dropping the item so you can only "reacquire" them once back in town. To store items and gear for future use you need Caed Nua. There is a chest in a room right of the throne that is your personal vault in which no one else has access to. A chest has limited dimensions so try not to hoard. Now, with combat you can't do much except for the obvious. That is to not abuse game mechanics. Sneak mode is often very immersion breaking (sneaking in an open field) so its heavy use is discouraged unless your class relies on it. Also no fast-traveling 16 hours back to town because you forgot one thing. You wouldn't probably do it if traveling literary lasted for hours. That's it I think. I wrote all this down mostly for myself so it doesn't rattle around in my head. I'll probably do this as a solo so it's easier to keep everything in check. Also I don't have the expert mode achievement yet so there's one insentive. As a final word, the point is not to inconvenience oneself but to make do with what you have. That is the challenge.
  20. I'm personally yearning for SJB, a Social Justice Barbarian. I want to wrestle it, see the uninhibited rage burning in its tolerant gaze. I don't have anything against sexual or racial minorities and thus do all the inclusion you want with them. I don't care. Ixamitl culture with its heavy native american vibe sounds very interesting to me. I draw the line to when people producing entertainment start to self-censor on subjects that might be traumatic to someone. A goddamn marshmallow can be traumatic to someone. It is an endless swamp so to speak.
  21. Took another stab at it with two of my favorite portraits. I'm set for Deadfire, it's couple of months to release right?
  22. I personally used console commands to lower my carry capacity in Skyrim to such a number that it allowed me to carry my current equipment, reasonable ammount of smaller objects like few health potions, sack of herbs and one, maybe two pieces of looted equipment. And my character always wore a backpack. It annoyed me to no end that I had to actively limit myself in order to enjoy some immersion instead of the game having an option to do so. But then again Skyrim is it's own thing when compared to other games. I think I had something like 20+ gigs worth of mods installed. I blame Diablo for inserting the idea that you have to be able to loot everything into gamers consciousness. And even it had a limit. Limits create value I think.
  23. Well you have a point there with soul stuff. But just as well you can have a resolute soul and claim the same benefits than with a mighty soul. In this context they are almost synonyms. In this world every person claiming to have "spiritual strenght" have turned up to be a determined and charismatic individual with lots of time to spare. And anime is for children.
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