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  1. That was not the reason for it, Bethesda fallouts did not use shooting mechanics like "you point, you hit" it was more if your stats say you will miss, you will miss even if you are 1inch away from the enemy. NewVegas added actual aiming and using sights, so they are capable of doing it properly even when using ****ty engine
  2. Why are you against adding options so that more people could enjoy and actually play the game too? Because it's not possible to cater to everyone and if developers would go this path there would be more "options" than actual game as the resources are always limited. Not every game have to be your preferred genre. Ye its not possible to cater to everyone, but options are always good to have. Or are you against adding mouse+keyboard movement? Colorblind mode? Subtitles? Those are also options and are not needed, but are things that are nice to have
  3. Why are you against adding options so that more people could enjoy and actually play the game too?
  4. Looks damn prety but even watching this gameplay video caused headache and nausea... Have to skip yet another good and interesting looking game for it being fps T___T
  5. I suppose it depends on how the character is designed. Borderlands are multiplayer game, which means that from outside they had to look somewhat decent. Even if the character is fully modeled (important question - can you see your legs in OW?) he might look very much like this: That is true! But the main character could be using same animations as the NPC characters do, now ofcourse it is not that simple, if it would be people would just do it themselves at home. But there is always hope to make it work at home and the fix, all though how janky it might be, is the medicine most of people who suffer from motion sickess need
  6. It has very little to do with that and more just not puking when playing
  7. Ye 3rd person option would be god send to have as option, adjusting the FOV slider is very rarely a fix to the problem when motion sickness takes over. I wish nothing but good for this game and studio but sadly I have to skip this game unless there is some way to get 3rd person option to work, be it by just tweaking .ini files or what ever. There is hope for this because the camera rotates if you idle long enough so it might just be matter of simply adjusting numerical values from camera, or like in games such as Borderlands, modders made it possible to change the camera. This was done by cheatengine so that might be issue on itself. I just hope the devs would go that extra mile and add OPTION for camera change. And hey, theres always Fallout76 to play... hahaha... I made myself sad
  8. Damn I forgot this badass looking armor! Its cool! We need stuff like this. Badass to the max right here!
  9. I had and inkling of feeling that you dont read what I wrote. LIke I said: MODEL of that amor looks nothing special, the TEXTURES are one thing different. Also yes, the armor MODEL is almost 1 to 1 what run of the mill troopers would wear, its nothing special, just normal plate armor, so that is why PoE2 needs something more special, and no, splashing little textures on top of 1 model does not make it special
  10. Those are nice, not badass, those are what I would think the basic norm, not the best of the best. I am talking about models here, not about textures. Those are the armor I would like to see on your run of the mill foot soldiers wear, that is like the armor Stromtroopers wear. Once again, the 3D model. That is why it would be nice to get something more special looking. NO, not animu armor, not oversized pauldrons, not 10000000000 moving parts, just something more than that, which are nice. Just lacking
  11. What I am getting here is that keep the armors realistic, just give me option to have skirt/kilt/loincloth what ever it is called. People here need to learn that if there is image here that it is not to be used like bible but as an example. And now after saying this, someone says there is no need to have armor that has 10meter long flowing cape on it
  12. Hey you all PoE fans! PoE1 was amazing game, loved it to bits, but I did "hate" how lacking the armor looks were. I played using heavy armor guy and I wanted to look the part, but only after 2nd part expansion I got somewhat good looking plate armor but still it was kinda lacking. Now I do realise and understand that PoE has more realistic armors and I am not saying that there needs to be super fantasy armors a'la World of Warcraft with Pauldrons of Orbiting Suns on you. I dont want that. I just want little more fantasy styled armors, little more not so realistic ones, little more stylised ones! Im gonna pop few pictures here as example of what I mean Gotta have have some of that fur lining on the chest. Why? Cause it looks cooooooool.... Now like I said, these are examples of the direction I would want to see few armors to look like, just have it be little more than what they were in the first one. Or just give proper modding tools and I can make it myself xD
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