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  1. If you ask me, again it really does not matter if Revan plays a big role, as long as it is implemented well. If they don't show him at all, and the game sucks, the game still sucks. If we constantly see revan, but the game is done well, it's fine as long as he is implemented well.
  2. I'm surprised none of you talked about the better animation. Even though it was very flashy, I felt that the animation looks a lot more fluid.
  3. While I feel STRONGLY Hades points are VALID, he doesn't really set them in a constructive manner, in my opinion. I guess that's the way he likes it, though. I'm going to preorder, because I know KOTOR was one the best games I ever played, and so for many people. Well, the reason I preorder the game is not the as dependent on the fact that I want it fast, as much someone takes it before me. :ph34r:
  4. O concur that we do need grander evil, and not just thuggery evil. I can note quite a few situations in KOTOR 1 where grand evil would have worked well.
  5. It really doesn't matter, as long as they implement it well; the only thing I would NOT like to see if they don't mention Revan AT ALL. Then I would be angry.
  6. What does Darth mean in the first place, anyway?
  7. This is interesting. I remember, seeing in the interviews, that they were already DONE with making the game by June/July, so they are now doing bug testing. So, a December release isn't actually an impossible idea. But I think the official tentative date is still "2005, most likely by February."
  8. I think Revan lost the Ebon Hawk because he put up the Ebon Hawk as prize through a game of Pazaak against T3. You know, even a jedi/sith can't go against superior logic of a droid!
  9. If you guys realize, they are using the same engine, and they said they are chainging so much.... so it gives them some head room to improve AND work on something proven, so delays aren't as likely, because they are not making a completely fresh start...
  10. If it was DS, I'm pretty sure it would be at least Canderous, HK-47, and Bastila that follows Revan. I can't be sure, though.
  11. Revan: LS: Unknown, probably tied with Bastila's fate, IF Bastila is alive DS: Unknown, my guess would be either dead when the Star Forge was destroyed. If not, in hiding. Bastila: LS: With Revan, if not Dead DS: with Revan Juhani: DS: Dead LS: Possibly on Dantooine? Jolee: DS: Dead. LS: Maybe with Juhani? Carth: DS: Dead, or on the Unknown Planet LS: Either with Revan(Female), or on Telos, with or without Dustil Canderous: DS/LS: Maybe with Revan Mission: DS: Dead LS: With Zaalbar, location unknown Zaalbar: DS: Dead LS: With Mission, location unknown HK-47: DS/LS: Probably With Revan T3-M4: No comment needed, in the game for sure. I find some interesting NPC's fate too, just for fun: Yuthura Ban: DS: Dead, or wandering. LS: On Dantooine Kel Algwin: DS: Dead LS: On dantooine? (Not Sure) Mekel: DS: Dead LS: Wandering, maybe on dantooine (Again, Not sure) The Sith Maste of the sith academy (forget name): DS: Dead, or maybe running academy LS: dead
  12. Whadda about Hk-47? I mean, Hk was Revan's droid servant; we would also have to see the droid.
  13. Another question I just thought up; is Revan Male or Female? I mean, each would have a somewhat different (alhtough not much) ties with Bastila.
  14. Everyone should have a cameo, if not a huge role.
  15. I actually remember that you can force persuade a sith to not attempt to kill you... it was quite funny, because one his buddies realized that you were using a mind trick, and they got all angry and decided to fight you anyway. :D It seems to me, though, that there should be a "persuade/force persuade" option, since I see "persuade/lie" and "persuade/briber" option.... it would make more sense to use both persuasion and force persuasion at the same time, if you ask me.
  16. I would love to see Canderous Ordo. He seemed to be actually a lot more shrewd and wise than any Mandolorian. Except for Mandalore, of course.
  17. My biggest problem with Force Persuade was that it was an option enough. I mean, when I can persuade, shouldn't I be able to force persuade as well? I only got one change to force persuade one of my own party members, and that was with Zaalbar when you are darkside.
  18. Well, this makes me think of Zaallbar and Mission. You didn't necessarily corrupt them, but they were very sucsptible to persuasion. For Mission, you could have persuaded her that she didn't need to care about her brother anymore, and force persuade Zaalbar to kill MIssion if you were dark side. From what I heard, it seems they are going to expand on that. Makes me wonder, though; are some characters DEFINITELY going to be good/bad no matter what? And, are we going to be able to force persuade on our own party members?
  19. The voice actors were excellent. Especially the guy who did the guy who you can beat before Twitch in Taris. If they did hard write reven's fate, that would suck, because it's only been five years. IF it was more like FIFTY, I would understand.
  20. If you ask that, we come back to the base question; Where and what happened to Revan? And on Yuthura Ban and Kel Algwin, I can understand if they don't put them in, but I still like to see, or maybe even, have them.
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