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  1. 1. IS it possible to beat her using the handmaiden first before the exile comes? I can't seem to do it. 2. I've gone through the entire game, making sure my persuade was up extra high, and I still couldn't convince her to tell me something about Kreia, right at the end after beating her, but I couldn't remember what exactly the question was. My question is, has anyone actually had her answer the question? In addition, did anyone ever get enough influence with handmaiden to actually ask her what she thought of Atris? 3. And my last question, after you decide to spare/kill Atris, is there an auto-save immediately after that? I wanna replay this part a few times for diff. responses, so I was just wondering...For now I just shut it off every time so it doesn't do an autosave, but is there one? Oh, and one more thing...What's Malachor V like? Thanks!
  2. Hanharr isn't on the main site...Anyone have a pic of him? And any additional pics of Atris...
  3. Wonder how that works...Considering I already know the twist "
  4. Where you were at the temple roof? What i liked about that was, I could save right before approaching Bastila, and not necessarily have to play the whole game over again just for a diff. ending...They said there'd be something like that in this game awhile back, is this still the case? Also, is Atris in a sexy dark jedi outfit at the end of the game like Bastila was? And, who's cooler, Mira or Hanharr? Is Hanharr just another generic wookie, or does he have a cool look to him?
  5. Akari, don't you agree atris would look better with electric blue eyes?
  6. Wow, didn't expect to see this topic again! I already knew about Yuthura being a planned party member in the first kotor, and you can tell where they changed it. "You should join me, I could use you by my side" (or whatever they say) "That's...very tempting" "...But I can't." Yeah
  7. I think akari should just clear this up once and for all...
  8. I don't get wtf is wrong with you people. First off, it's a ****ing VIDEO GAME, and second, this gay bashing needs to stop. That's like saying, "Oh, if one of my nps is black, I'll have to figure out how to kill him!" Shut the **** up...
  9. I believe this has already been answered, and it's Atton Rand asking you
  10. Can you tell us more about the queen?? And also, will any twi'leks be joining the party?
  11. Um, no it doesn't?? Kreia is an old lady in brown robes...
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