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  1. I'd wait until the patch comes out and the price goes down a bit.
  2. It's a pretty good port. The controls are well done.
  3. I remember playing the old Spy VS Spy at my friends house. Too bad it's on the PS2.
  4. It's just a joke. Don't throw a huge fit.
  5. Somebody fell for an April Fools joke.
  6. You guys really need to get a life. Handmaiden BTW.
  7. Ditto. Is that supposed to be hilarious?
  8. Have you played Fallout? If not check it out. It's a great turn based RPG.
  9. Anyone else find it a little weird that a game with minimal dialog and a main character that doesn't speak wins a writing award? While a fleshed out RPG with a lot of well written dialog doesn't win.
  10. In KOTOR 2 you can use Master Flurry with no penalties, so I tended to use that alot.
  11. Article on the game. Screenshots. Thoughts? Personally I think it sounds really cool, I hope they can pull it off.
  12. How's the hero creator and multiplayer?
  13. I hope so. Anybody remember the LucasArts April Fools gag about a Dark Forces remake?
  14. Yep. Zabraks identify themselves by the colony or homeworld they hail from.
  15. No. It's a boring grind, just like every other MMORPG.
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