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  1. Bastilla hands down. There was just little or no attatchment to any of the others, except for Mission but as someone said before me she has more the little sister vibe. Handmaiden probably is close second in the hotness scale, but it just wasn't developed enough for me (the romance i mean) And i can't understand how you could vote Visas as Hot?? You can't see her frigging face (well... the top half anyway, which is the most important. You can't see her eyes!!) She always reminded me of the jokes about really ugly women/people ... bag over the head... etc.
  2. Someone mentioned BG Mods. Can anyone suggest any good Mods they have actually tried? NPCs Storylines whatever... As for Bloodlines, i just couldn't be bothered after about 3 hours of play. It just didn't do it for me. NWN i have played through it and have finished it. I quite enjoyed it apart from the ending which was plain...
  3. Concerning the debate of whether it has plotholes or if it is clear as to what exactly happened, i'm going to just say that the important aspect of PS Torment was that while playing (despite not knowing what exactly you did in the past) you really got the feeling that you would probably get what you deserved at the end. I do not doubt that. My main grief with it is that in the end it just felt rushed. While the pace was fairly slow throughout the whole of the game (which i certainly didn't mind), suddenly you hit the fortress and you're going at a 100 miles per hour on the freeway just be
  4. Ok. I remember playing the game, but i don't remember anything about any contract. I know (or at least i realised) that he was trying to escape from the blood wars, but i can't say i remember anything said about contracts.
  5. Exactly my point! Although i wouldn't go so far as to call it a plothole, as throughout the game you got the feeling that you weren't the nicest guy. But still there should be something more thn just "off to hell with you!"
  6. Or it could just mean that the story is so good that you don't mind replaying it, kinda like a really good movie. At least that's how it was for me.
  7. Many times i was on the verge of buying Deus Ex as i have heard quite a few positive reviews about it, but every time i changed my mind. I don't know something about it always threw me off. Maybe i'll have to give it a try. Twice i started both of them (FO & FO 2) and twice i gave up, simply because i can't stand all this turn based nonsense. It just gets on my nerves that you have to calculate each friggin square or you might loose a turn! And mice! AAARRRGG!!!!!!
  8. Ok now i'm confused.... I didn't want to say anything specific as i'm not sure what the spoiler policy is for other games but here goes. Inside the fortress the story suddenly sped up! And when i reached the final battle, after i beat myself, i had literaly a couple of lines with each member of my party, and i'm back to the demon wars! Now as i played through it only once i'm not sure if i missed anything else. ToB was an epic story. It has of course an unfair advantage being a trilogy, but the whole story was very nicely done and extremely satisfying. And i believe you ar
  9. I'm almost done with my second play through of KOTOR II as DSM, and find myself not knowing what to play now... I'm reaching a point where i'm close to installing KOTOR again and playing it for the fourth time, or even worse BG II and playin it for the gazillionth time. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks Alex PS- I'm more interested in the story, characters and interactions aspects of RPGs not so much the rules (i never cared whether a game had 3rd edition rules or whatever). Also i don't care much for hack 'n slash style junk like Diablo or IWD. Favorites incl. BG
  10. I've read through many posts in these forums and practically everyone seems to be praising PS Torment and hailing it as the best crpg, and at the same time diss games with abrupt or/and crappy endings. Don't get me wrong PS Torment is indeed one of the best games out there and certainly among the top 3 crpgs of all time but the fact remains that its ending sucked!!! The whole thing started going downhill since you entered the final stronghold, with sloppy storytelling and leaps in logic, and after you beat ... the final opponent... it's just a 10 second video and that's it. For a game to
  11. 1. BG 2 and Throne of Bhaal (PC) 2. Championship manager series and FM 2005 (PC) 3. Total War series (PC) 4. Final Fantasy 8 & 9 (PS) 6. Pro Evolution Series (PS2) 5. PS Torment (PC) 7. WWE Smackdown HCTP (PS2) 8. KOTOR (PC) 9. KOTOR II TSL (PC) 10. Civilisation series (PC) Close but not quite GTA San Andreas (PS2) Quite diverse, wouldn't you say? :cool:
  12. I do not understand how, as many before claimed, TSL handled romance better than KOTOR I. If what they mean is that there was practically no romance and that suits them better, fine by me. I know a lot of people don't like romance or romantic stuff in general in their games and that's fine, but that doesn't mean that the absence of something means better handling. Yes there were hints, there was a (VERY) subtle flirting of sorts, but that's about it. Emotional involvement with any characters (save Kreia) was practically non existent, because the whole thing was not handled that well.
  13. Exactly what i've been trying to say! Very true. In Kotor I actually cared what happened to my teammates, and the only time i was actually worried in KOTOR II is when you go to Telos and find Atris and the Handmaiden and Atris strikes down the Handmaiden. After i defeated Atris (before i talked to her again) i rushed to where the Handmaiden was lying and there was no little circly thingy on her. It was like she was part of the background and for a minute i thought Atris had actually killed her. That's the only time i can remember in the game that i actually cared what would happen to
  14. Perhaps i didn't make myself clear before. Of course the bigger the pool of NPCs the less development each will have. That's not what i meant. What i had in mind was having a large pool of NPCs (say around 10-12 as in this game) but only taking with you each time you play about 4. That way those 4 characters would have to talk a lot more and be more complex in order for the game to not be a Diablo hack and slash fest, and you'd become more engaged with the characters you had with you each time.
  15. First off romance -wise there was none in TSL. There were hints, and probably some flirting (not even pg stuff " ), but not a romance. As for the NPCs i agree that there should be a large pool of NPCs and then 4-5 came along for the ride. You hold the replayability factor, but then they would have to make the characters with much more depth and much more talkative to cover for the whole of the game. Having 4-5 characters in the ebon hawk will also feel like a closer camaraderie, than a whole army of NPCs most of whom you'd never pick anyway. With so many NPCs they just have to think
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