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  1. Hmm... never felt that way myself. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's fine; but what's the background music?
  2. Could you do an Atton or Bastila one? This one is cute... and great. And what is the background music?
  3. My god.. this is great. Where di you get the background music, anyway? And how did you mix it together? Ever thought about making a Bastila or Atton one?
  4. Well, I rather have a complete ending than an incomplete one.
  5. Has anyone ever tried walking around Dantooine with a Lightsaber to see if it would work?
  6. The disable vertex objects seems to be a better idea idea to me.
  7. The game does have her sound files saying some of Kreia's sound files... but ishe doesn't say everything Kreia says in the end.
  8. Actually, all of them are pretty easy. MIra can be in one convo and one trip, Disciple can be in one convo, baod-dur in 4 influences, atton in a event. It's not that hard at all.
  9. My order for Male was: !. Nar Shadaa 2. Dxun/Onderon 3. Dantooine 4. Dxun/Onderon 2 5. Korriban Female: 1. Dantooine 2. Nar Shadaa 3. Dxun/ Onderon 4. Korriban 5. Dxun/ Onderon 2
  10. I forget. But I do know that she and NS are more sympathetic to you. I know for a fact that, Kavar completely follows and believes in the Jedi Code, and actually isn't arorgant like Atris and Vrook are; it seems he's actually being self-vigilant. However, his beliefe in the Jedi code makes him unable to accept you, even if you are on the path of the light. I think he has nothing against the Exile personally, but the has to follow the code.
  11. It seems to me, of all the Jedi Masters, Lonna Vash and Nar Shadaa's Jedi Master (can't remember name) are more sympathetic to you, Vrook and Atris are against, and Kavar is right in the middle. NS Jedi Master is obviously sympathetic to you, considering the fact he thought what the Council did was wrong; and the fact he understand you had to do what you did. Lonna Vash, (if you read the hidden files in dialog.tlk, and take a look at unused sound files( is also very sympathetic to you, and she feels that you had at lteast the right the right to know the truth. Vrook obviously hates you. Even when you are in the path of the light, ihe only stubbornly admits that you are on his side. Even then, he is condescending, arrogant, and obvously contemptous. He considers you unworthy of being a Jedi,. Atris, also shows the same feelsing, but as we might see later on, it regret/jealousy of not going to worry with you. None iof these really follow the Jedi code completely. They also show some semblance of emotion, whenever it was regret, contempt , passion, empathy, sympathy, hatred. This leads me to Kavar. The only true Jedi Master. He follows the code loyally, and beleives in it, but has made sure he didn't stray from it. For the jedi code is hard to follow, because you must remove evertyhing you have to be that made you human. Now, the argument is, should you "fall" to the light side, or shall you rather stay human, like Jolee did? I feel the bigger issue is, is there a midpoint in being Jedi and follow your following your feelings? Well, enough typing for me.
  12. I'm pretty sure galactic basic is just english. And twiileks can learn basic; look at mission and griff.
  13. The funny thing is, KOTOR actually LOADS and RUNS faster on my computer than KOTOR does. And KOTOR crashes WAY more often. And whne you say OE did bad planning and wanting too much, well, I'm not going to argue there; regardless, it was obvious to me, now, theat they deserves more time, bad planning or otherwise; they did a very good job of this game, considering the fact that LA cut their time short, from feb to dec.
  14. The current ending is neither postivie nor negative. It's just incomplete. It doesn't really show what happens to do your companions, it doesn't really give you a chance to have one last convo's with them, and it certainly feels that you just run off after Revean, regardless if you companions are dead or alive. If LUCASARTS had intended and wanted a postivie ending without a doubt, and would not have it any other way, couldn't they instead of the nixed ending, where Bao-Dur is either dead or trapped, Atton turns on you, or dies, and the Handmaiden betrays you, couldn't they have had all your companions (ones that are available anyway) find some way to stand united, behind you and for you? And couldn't they have a celebration ceremony somewhere, just like KOTOR1? This still works with the Exile leaving hiis/her companions behind, if they didn't find out. Now THAT's a postive ending. Not that the ending I want, but a complete, and positive ending. I would have been satisfiied. This either means LA was pressuiring OE to rush, or OE ran out of time. You can't really say OE didn't use their time well; this was one of the best RPG's I have played. That said, either way, LA didn't give them enough time to finish the game, and the only explanation for the incomplete ending was because LA did not allow enough time for OE to make an ending, positive or negative, and if they since endings are important,, I doubt it would have slipped under LA's radar that OE was planning a dark eniding in the first place. So, if they nixed the dark ending, I doubt it was because LA didn't approve it; now I believe LA simply did not wisht to give OE the time to completel it. IF LA had wanted a postive endiing without a doubt,, they would have probably said something during early development.
  15. Screw Lucasarts. I know their "wishes" were to make it more open endied and mysterious, but with THAT kind of kind of ending, like Atton said (paraphrasing), "You know, that wholel cryptic routine? It's not really cryptic at all, it's just irritating". And when does Lucassarts wishes override FAN wishes? Sure, you can argue they make the game, but it is WE who buy it. And you know what? If they had actually intended for a light hearted ending, why didn't they allow Obsidian Entertainment to make one? That's weird, because by no means as the current ending of KOTOR light hearted at all. If Lucasarts HAD intended, and wanted OE to have light haatted ending, the ending wouldn't be at a dark setting (Malachor V). It's obvious to me that OE ran out of time, or Lucasarts pressured them. Either way, the result is obvious; because OE didn't have enoguh time, their ending wasn't complete. I've already personally decided not to buy any Lucasarts games for one whole year. I might even extend to two whole years, if they keep this up. NOTE: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT. AS IT STAND RIGHT NOW, I DO PLAN TO GET NEVERWINTER NIGHTS 2.
  16. I thnk I might have stated before that I wouldn't buy Lucasarts game for 1 year. I'll be spending money on other titles, such as NWN2.
  17. this still sucks, that they they didn't add it in....
  18. I just found Vashe's dialgoue... shows how complete teh game WAS!!!
  19. It's not Obsidian Entertainment, I don't support; I'm just reall furious, at Lucasrts, for how little time they gave Obsidian Entertainment. I'm still planning to buy Neverwinter Nights II.
  20. That makes me mad. They could have at least used a compression, like mp3, ogg, ape, but they decided to downgrade the quality; what a bad idea!
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