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  1. No. I like the game, but in no fashion what so ever it is a RPG. It is action title with a good story.
  2. Thank you... how about weapon threat range, criticla multiplier, and critical hit attack modifier?
  3. So, a Critical Threat Range x2 increase that is not named Keen, is actually really Keen? That means a lightsaber that holds a Nextor and/or Velmorite and/or Ankarres Sapphire crystal should have a critical threat range. Doses anyone if you have a weapon with 2 keen upgrades, do they stack? That reminds me; while I really, really love Master Critical Strike, my friends tend to hate it,, because it doesn't always work, when compared to Master Flurry or Master Power Attack.
  4. BTW, does anyone know what the difference is between keen, mssive critcals, and critical threat range?
  5. I've been toying around with Master Critical Strike, using crystals which enhance this Feat. I'm hitting upwards of 130 damage with one attack, with a 15th level Guardian lol Crit Strike is definitely nice. Its how I one-hit killed the Nar Shadda Master. Edit: When I say with one attack, I mean a single attack. I'm using a Double Bladed Saber with Master Two-Handed Weapon Feat. So when I use a Crit Strike Feat, it ends up being two attacks. Often, the first of these two attacks breaks the 130 damage barrier. - dr cloak <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, that's why I love it. But like I said, there are certain situations where it is overkill, and it simply better to use Flurry or Power attack. Then again, since there isn't a level cap in this game, I pretty sure it is quite possible to master all there without any severe loss in feats.
  6. And this is why some people don't like Critical Strike; personally, I love it, but there are certain situations where Flurry and Power Attack is much better.
  7. That's not the impression I got. How can a force bond form if you can't manipulate the force? How can two people who can't feel the force experience a bond? Why would the masters seek to remove the force from one who cannot feel the force? The exile can create force bonds both with force sensitives and non-sensitives. The exile carries with them the pain of the death of a world, pain great enough to have killed the exile had they not stopped listening to the force. The masters believed that the exile was a wound, and empty void that would draw upon the force from others with a hunger, believing it to be of the dark side. The wound was created by the death of those the exile had bonds with, and the death of a world. But there also seemed to be overtones that the grand scale of death created a loud noise of the background of the force such that it drowns out the force itself. The fact that in some of the dialogue options with Krea early on seem to mention the force sounding as if it's coming from a great distance (hard to hear over the din of pain) I think the masters were being arrogant. Certainly they've killed too, which contributes to the problem they accuse the exile of. Death is a natural thing, maybe not always naturally caused but it still happens, and it would still diminish the force. Perhaps they don't sense the force in the exile because the pain of loss drowns it out? The ithorian force adept senses the exiles pain, I also think force sensitives would have noticed if the exile was siphoning from them, the force bond could be likened to a power conduit and you can usually tell if a wire is live and which direction current is flowing. The exile however is used to the pain and can hear the force over the sound. You can't sever what's not connected in the first place. The masters attempting to sever the MC from the force would have failed if the MC wasn't already part of the force. If the exile truely is outside the force, then they'd only sever the bonds in which case the exile could just form new ones. If the MC severs themselves again before the council attempts to cut them off how could they touch the force in the MC where they need to in order to sever the tie? Most of the other expanded universe that deals with the subject seems to suggest that they don't take the force away so much as they put blinders on the target. Again how can they see where to put the blinders if the MC disappears from their force sight? If Krea were severed by the masters, and by Sion and Nihilus how did she regain her power? Or did she never really lose her power and just lied to the exile? How can two force stripped persons create a force bond if neither can use the force? I never got the impression that the exile couldn't feel the force, just that the masters were blinded by their own misconceptions. Their own superiority which is what allowed Krea to get the drop on them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe it's a one-way connection. The force is connected to him, but he is not connect to the Force, or it could be the other way around; He is connected to the force, but the force is not connected to him.
  8. Yes, it is true... smaller maps, less complexity, simpler game mechanics, etc. I don't know exactly, but hasn't the Xbox a total of 64MB RAM? If this is so this should be the explanation to your question. And concerning the overall performance you can assume that an average PC's graphics card has at least one XBox in it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The norm for PC these days is at least 128 MB RAM. It's not even that hard to find cheap ones.
  9. If you ask me, a CPU upgrade or a memory upgrade is a better idea, unless you have a REALLY, REALLY, old or bad video card. A game like KOTOR2 should suck suck up that much graphical power, but I'm pretty sure it will suck up a lot of CPU and memory for its features.
  10. Yeah; it doesn't really matter if you have a level cap, though, because from what I have heard, you already too strong to be beaten at around level 25.
  11. Vader can also be seen as INvader. Which would also work. But the clever twist is, it also works as dutch for father. I still don't understand the meaning of Darth Sion's name too well. But I get this about Nihilus; he is nothing, except this hunger for destruciton, and that's why he's called the Lord of Hunger. I get it now.
  12. First of all I think you should speak for yourself. Not everyone blows the game's shortcomings out of proportion. I as well as a few of my friends have never experienced many of the bugs that have been so widely complained about around here. Also, while the ending may be unsatisfactory, that is no reason at all to create a petition demanding the devs re-work the game, which is completely unreasonable. Despite the fact they may have been on a short timeframe, that is the ending they chose to put in the game. It's totally rediculous to demand they change it because some people don't like it. I have never heard of developers completely changing the ending or some other major part of the game for a re-release, nor should they. I would also like to point out that if an identical KOTOR II was released by BioWare, most of these complaints would likely have never been brought up. I understand that the bugs are expected to be fixed for the PC release. But since there is no Xbox Live support for KOTOR II, we're stuck with what it is. Even if they did make such an "improved" re-release, it would still be screwing people over by making buyers of the original pay money again. Overall I think that people need to let go of their unrealistic and rediculous expectations for what they wanted KOTOR II to be. It's a hard thing to follow 2003's Game of the Year, so of course everyone will whine and complain if the slightest thing is wrong with it. If you stop focusing on the game's flaws, which are honestly not that bad, you'll find a great game. I applaud Obsidian for a job well done. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> NOTE: I said this To Lucasarts. Not Obsidian Entertainment. What's the difference? The difference is, I didn't think OE made a bad game; I feel that Lucasarts just didn't give them enough time. As you might notice, the petition was to Lucasarts, not to Obsidian Entertainment. And oh yeah, about buying it over, I rather buy it again, and have a better game, then to have to product that has a flawed end because of Lucasarts push for one-year time frame.
  13. That's your opnion, and you are certainly entitled to it; however, I am sorry, I have to disagree with you. They were given a one-year timeframe; who knows what ending they actually intended to be designed or implemented? The last part of the game was obviously rushed; now, it is not wrong to correct mistakes.
  14. To: LucasArts To Lucasarts, About Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords (from here on out, will be refered to as KOTOR2): After the abysmal ending, a buggy and slow game, for the X-Box, we, the people, DEMAND that you put some capital into making a good update or a developer's cut for KOTOR2. If not, some, or maybe, even a large number of us may be compelled to not make purchases from Lucasarts, for any system, X-Box, PC, Playstation, or GameCube. Sincerely, ampulator00 Here is the link to The Petition for a better Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
  15. We need a developer's cut. If they don't, I refused to buy ANY, I repate, ANY Lucasarts games, for any system after that.
  16. Man, I hated how Vamprie Bloodlines did it; it sucked with the action rpg thingy; I had a gun RIGHT in front of someone, POINT BLANK, and I missed! What's up with that?! Still a good game, otherwise, though, if a bit bugged.
  17. Hold on' are you telling me the guide is inaccurate, and missing a lot of stuff? BTW, does anything else the DVD guide youg et seems to be missing?
  18. It's silent. When I got the PC version, I'll do a full investigation. It's rather empty for a strategy guide, but it's a good reference.
  19. The funny thing would be, they push back the release date for International release, but they get the least buggy version.
  20. If I remember correctly, though, didn't Darth Maul lash out at Darth Sidious, and lost a lightsaber battle?
  21. What's the difference between Attack modifier and Damage Bonus?
  22. For the characters that you get, that can be a jedi (other than the player character), and you plan to enough have influence to get them to become Jedi, like in the first KOTOR for Revan, it actually might smart to save levels for them, at least. One question, though: is the Exile the only one who can have a Prestige class?
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