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  1. Nope. Some Force Powers are class-specific, at least according to IGN. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Eh, I guess I'll just have to do with most feats instead.
  2. What you just said is simply speculation. Perhaps maybe correct later, perhaps not. We shall see.
  3. If it's true, then this interesting. Does this mean, that's why IGN complained the game was too easy in the end?
  4. am also surprised that anybody would expect particularly great graphics from kotor2. heck, when you look at the screenies for kotor2 they look pretty much identical to what we seen in kotor... so why on earth is folks shocked at this point that kotor2 actually does look like kotor? heck, we didn't think the graphics were all that damned hot in kotor neither... and with how fast tech advances in the game industry, a sequel (kotor2) to a game that were itself were using some relatively old tech (kotor) did not seem like the most likely candidate for prettiest game of the year. *shrug* now, as to bugs... bugs in an xbox game... well, that is depressing. what the $@*& is the qa folks doing anyway? we were very unhappy with the 'mount of bugs that were in the original... and the sequel is worse? am still gonna get the game... but we may just hold out for the pc version. 'least if that version is buggy (and considering the vast number of hardware configurations it must work on there is little question in our mind that the initial pc release will have bug issues,) we know that it will eventually patched. will be a tough call for Gromnir come next Thursday or Friday. HA! Good Fun! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, we don't know yet, if they are crippling bugs, or just minor bugs. We shall soon see.
  5. 9.2 ain't nothing to be NOT proud of, either. You act like the "professional" rating actually matters. What matters is score for GAMERS, and they don't have any yet, because the game ain't out yet.
  6. ...Dude. If you hadn't noticed; Obsidiane Entertainment, SAID THERE WERE GOING TO USE THE SAME DAMN ENGINE, AND WERE NOT GOING TO MAKE MUCH IMPROVEMENTS. They said it. All a couples time. Enough to hammer in the message. So I'm not surprised. And it doesn't matter.
  7. Tell me about it. Rewievers have a habit of that. For Gamespot, they gave Hitman: contracts a 7.7, but the Review didn't even mention many faults; it sounded more like 9.0 to me.
  8. if there will be no extra content in the same way that the pc and xbox version had to be released at the same time, it will be extra content <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Naw. They aren't going to give either extra content to either. I am PC'er. Am I mad about it? No.
  9. For such a big thread, this thread has a surprising small percentage of junk posts.
  10. What is your source for this information? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The devs. They said so themselves.
  11. And it marks my stay as one of the only few PC'ers that are staying, no matter what.
  12. I also like that Awaraness will have a bigger role; it sounds cooler now.
  13. Hades, this is one, of few VERY, VERY rare times, that I, or perhaps, anyone, agrees with you. However, each computer has a different setup, the developers must somehow account for them, to a certain degree. The X-Box has no such problem; all of them are the same. They have only some of the computer's strengths, but the trade off is that it is standard; no changes within each X-Box. However, this is not MY endorsement of the X-Box, even though I have nothing against it. But I refuse to buy it, because I do not like M$.
  14. Yep, no extra content; and btw, I have nothing against the X-Box; just something against Microsoft, and now, because of this debacle, something against Lucasarts.
  15. Haha, being a good guy isn't that hard. It's doing the right thing, now that's hard.
  16. !@#$%^&*!@#$#%^& They should have EXPLAINED the opwers; I still don't know how some of them work, especially Battle Meditation.
  17. Mandalorians, Echanis... about the Irchidorian guys?
  18. I am pround to announce that, even though I'm a PC'er, I will not leave. :D
  19. You are unusally active today. Well, I'm getting the game - in February - because I liked KOTOR. And I have another reason now; deeper story elements.
  20. Not just loyal. They were also not very intelligent, and brutish, like Malak. I think Lucas is going to be mad. :D That would be cool. I always wondered why KOTOR didn't just let us choke someone, voluntarily, or involuntarily.
  21. I'm more interested in how Battle Meditation works. Is it like the ULTIMATE version of Force Valor? Or more like a story related force power?
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