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  1. 1. How could you skip them on the PC?? I think i tried just about everything 3. Easy maybe, annoying and pointless- definatly!
  2. What is your source for this information?
  3. because of the extra content that may be available in the PC version. I know its not going to make that much difference, but in KOTOR I there was some pretty cool stuff at Yavin station that you couldn't get on Xbox.
  4. the only real difference I saw between light and dark is that it was a lot easier to get money if you played dark side.
  5. whats the deal with you people and flaming? If you dont like a post, dont read and respond to it. Nobody is forcing you to read this.
  6. has anyone heard if we will be able to skip the cut scenes in KOTOR II? That was one of the only things i really disliked about the first game. After I beat the game I didn't like sitting through all the cut scenes every time i played again. Also, will there be an option to not play the "shoot down the enemy fighter, which really has nothing to do with the game" part?
  7. Is there anybody who has an Xbox and a PC that prefers to wait until Feb. for the game. I would be interested in knowing the reasons why you are going to wait till Feb. I am still trying to decide myself, although at this point i dont think i can wait till Feb. Has anyone heard if there will be extra content in the PC version this time around?
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