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  1. I don't understand; while I never liked them, and they were always whining, I never disliked them at all They were a bit annoying at times, but were bearable. What's the issue?
  2. No... it's not that... it just that, I caugh my own mistake.
  3. Not, that's partially incorrect. If you do not include localization, which Obsidian may OR may not do, the game is already done, with a stable version. It's should be ready everywhere. Yes, you bet it is!!! M$ might have a deal with Lucasarts, to pull off this kinda thing on us.
  4. Lemme repeeat myself clearly. They were ready to release the PC version at the same time. That's it. And yes, what you say is correct, but they were pretty much done, and already had a stable version, that should work properly. And remember, they might be a lot of smaller than Bioware, but they didn't have to make the engine this time around, because they are using the same engine as KOTOR2, with not that many changes; so they actually had the time to do more QA. And that means they wouldn't have do as many patches. Beccause Bioware should have found any issues with the engine, during their own QA with the Original KOTOR, and when they released the PC version. Because it uses the same engine, I'm sure that Bioware would have relayed some info on what the issues were to Obsidian.
  5. Really? How would anyone really know? For the KOTOR 1, BiowareHAD to release it later, due to some problems with the PC version. Now Obsidian doesn't have any huge issues left with KOTOR2. And if you ask me, they did not have the biggest say in this. They were done with the game. Lucasarts DECIDED to release on X-Box first, because of M$.
  6. According to a post by developer I saw, I receall he saying that dual lightsabers and a double-bladded lightsaber would operate the same way. And, oh yeah, depending on how a double lightsaber is made, it could possibly strong as a dual lightsabers. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Yeah, it really depends on which store. If a store stays open late, they will probably give to the shippers (whoever you used), if the game shipments on the day before the release. But from my experience, at least, if you use the cheapest shipping and pre-order, it shouldn't take longer than 5 days max. For an e-store, from my experience, if you pre-order with next or same day shipping, they are likely to do it very early; sometimes early than they really want.
  8. I wouldn't say it's Lucasarts's entire fault. The biggest one to blame is M$. They know who PC users are. But they want to make sure the XBox sells well, from M$, and they are going screw PC users; they are going think we to have buy a PC with Windows anyway.
  9. I was wondering, are thyere any forms for dual lightsabers, connected or not connected ones?
  10. I don't want to get a DVD drive... but if I have to, eh.... I'm going to get one. I only have two slots from my motherboard, but I can remove the extra drive.
  11. Damaging them? What exactly do you mean? Like, they have less use?
  12. You know, he sounds more like unsure boy that has puberty, rather than smooth but cheesy Han Solo type. (NOt that han solo is cheesy).
  13. That's fine. There's a question, though; does that mean we can't get any other lightsabers?
  14. This make sense. The game as a whole tilted towards LS Male, anyway.
  15. Or, really, it could be just be two Sith, or the rest are dark jedi; you know, Darth Vader is to Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine.
  16. There were some minor tidbits of extra info; otrherwise, I read it mostly from this forum.
  17. My issue is not with the X-Box. My issue is with M$, AKA Microsoft. I think X-Box is not a bad machine at all, because it is a PC, except that it is dedicated to games.
  18. That's not a solution. That's an alternative. I think he was implying that he was looking for a solution, not an alternative.
  19. The game ain't out yet, and you are already askin' for cheats. Nothing against ya, but you should REALLY REALLY REALLY wait until the game is out. Doesn't it make more sense?
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