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  1. I was just lazy at editing and deleting. I modfied it, if you are happy.
  2. Gamestop will let you switch if you pre-order a game and a special edition of that game comes out before it's release. I pre-ordered Halo and when the Halo collectors edition came out I just E-mailed gamestop and told them I wanted to get the collectors edition instead. The next day they wrote me back and said that they had changed my order. Gamestop also let me keep the free overnight shiping that was included in my origional pre-order. Pretty freakin sweet deal if you ask me. Ever since then I have ordered all of my games from Gamestop. Cheers! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Okay, I will remember to ask if they do anything special; I really hope, if they do come out with special edition of this game, I just hope the extra contents are for sale. BTW, was there a special edition of KOTOR? If yes, what did it have?
  3. Except for Uthar and Yuthura Ban. But then again, they vastily underestimated Revan and his alllies/friends. They were beaten badly.
  4. Hmm... I want to make it clear, that I'm not going to pre-order this game, until I know if there is any extras or not. If there isn't any, that's fine with me, but I don't want to pre-order online, and then see any extra come out; I'm not sure if the store's going to give the extras if you already pre-ordered.
  5. That's all good, but the bottom line is "grand evil", not bullying and mindless killing.
  6. Yes, similar idea, but nowhere as drastic. :D I mean, like DVD documentation on how they made game, soundtrack for the game, keychain... etc...
  7. i totally agree mate, i would love to do things "vader style" and he has got style mwahahahaha :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It'd be cool is you could actually force choke somebody if they aren't talking and you hear then choke like in the movies and stuff. Thus avoiding a battle with a more sinister way. Or even force choking them and throwing them against a wall. Let them go and interogate them some more or something. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Man, I can just see the possibility of Persuade/Force Persuade/Choke.
  8. Will the game come with any extras? I just wanted to know before I pre-ordered.
  9. Yep. They only have 10 people working on Neverwinter Nights 2 right now.
  10. And in the Mandalorian Wars, Revan beat the Mandalorians, very badly. Most of clans were shattered, and what's left of the Mandalorians just became bandits and mercenaries.
  11. If you ask me, like Malak, she had plenty of chances to "heal" herself with the zappy thing, (I don't know what it is) and Revan still was toe to toe with her. But you gave a good explanation to that. She had crappy Sith Powers...
  12. While I haven't heard anything official on this front, I believe that it is the same, yeah. Well, we certainly hope so. We have gotten some frame rate improvements over KotOR1 and we're looking at some other areas that could stand to be optimized as well. -Akari <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for answering. I was more worried about that, because the KOTOR ran unusually slow on the lowest settings on my computer.
  13. You are right. But what about the time between Bandon and Bastila? Annd remember Bastila wasn't a Sith lord for long if you were light. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Those were the times when Malak was seeking a new apprentice. Just like the time between Darth Maul's death and the selection of Darth Tyranus. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> With the way Malak handled himself, it seems to me Bastila wasn't that far from ready to take out Malak, if you ask me.
  14. You are right. But what about the time between Bandon and Bastila? Annd remember Bastila wasn't a Sith lord for long if you were light.
  15. Good point. HOwever, that means killing Bandon had more consequences that it seems, then.
  16. That makes me wonder; could an apprentice such as Bandon, could be a sith Lord? Where could have Revan messed up? And what loose ends did he not tie? Maybe this is due to him not regaining his memory perhaps. Master Vrook believed that their journey started right at the academy when they turned. I remember Zhar saying that Revan was eager to learn about Sith teachings. I think there was more that Revan learned more than just about the Star Forge and the Council didn't know anything about this. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's the problem. We don't know if it didn't mess up, and he might not have tied loose ends. I mean, why isn't Revan the head Sith Lord this time around? He must have screwed up somewhere.
  17. Does KOTOR2 have the same system requirements as KOTOR1? Is significantly less buggy and faster than KOTOR1?
  18. We knew what gave Revan and Malak power, and the guts, to challange the republic, the Star Forge. But it was never truly explained to us on exactly how they fell to the dark side. Whatever happened, Revan might be self fufilling propecy; when he defeated Malak he may have defeated himself. If you think about it, if he was LS, the Republic has been invaded by Malak's "Sith", and they wasted a lot of manpower to destroy the Star Forge, because of Bastila's Battle Meditation. (Ironically, they also won because it). And Revan killed Malak, the leader of the current "Sith" is gone. With the Republic weak, Revan without his Star Forge, the Republic was to weak to defend the Outer Rim, attacks from Sith or otherwise. If you DS, I guess something caused the destruction of the Star Forge. I don't know what, but it is obvious to me that Revan has lost his title of "sith lord". It's obvious to me that Revan may have messed up somewhere; he may not tied "loose ends" within the Sith Empire.
  19. It seems that orthodox calendar thing was a joke. Especially now, because I think they would want to get started on Neverwinter Nights 2.
  20. The Sith in KOTOR feel teenagers going through puberty. A lot of anger, a lot of impatience, and a lot of "muscle flexing", and a lot of hot air. I hope the new Sith aren't like that.
  21. It seems that whatever happened between Revan and the new (or old, we shall see) sith lords forced Revan to disappear. It makes me wonder, if Malak never betrayed Revan, would the sith lords be in power right now?
  22. and/or it could be that during Kotor 1, they waited for the Sith Lord-wannabe pretensious fallen Jedi, i.e. Malak, to destroy the Republic with the Star Forge; only then to eliminate him and conquer the galaxy more easily, now that the Republic and the Jedi were out of the way. Now this idea sort of works with both endings for Kotor: If LS, then they saw that they had to deal with an even stronger Republic -with Revan at their side- by themselves, and wreaked havoc on the Jedi during those mysterious '5 years'; if DS, then they either challenged Revan and killed him, or, used whatever it was that initiated his fall in the first place, to render him inert, sending him into exile, whatever. Maybe they joined forces with Revan and Bastila. Remember that there was no mentioning whether Malak and Revan ever faced a powerful Sith as they 'rose to power'; and the only one Malak ever challenged was Revan, and that was an act of envy rather than their master-apprentice er.. 'tradition'. I think they were *definitely* around during Kotor 1; with the second episode we'll start seeing this greater picture. -but, it could also be that the Sith Lords of TSL were in hiding during Kotor 1, not because they waited for their conspiracies to unfold, but because they actually feared Malak. Then they would have appeared to fill the vacuum created by the death of Malak and the exile of Revan. As far as I can imagine, this makes a weak connection between the two games -it's as if the idea of new and powerful Sith Lords just popped up because there needed to be a sequel. I doubt that. Some way or another, we'll start learning more about the state of the SW galaxy in that time period, during TSL; and that will necessarily include more information about the original conflict, in Kotor 1 -including the 'mysterious fall' of Revan and Malak. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They could also feared Revan, who, in my opinion, was always smarter and more dangerous.
  23. I'd be honest. I have to wonder if Revan and Malak were true Sith. You know, I was thinking they might have fought in the Mandalorians Wars, and simply became all dark Jedi. They just ASSUMED they were the Sith. Just a thought.
  24. You could in KOTOR, but only as DS Female.
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