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  1. To be honest, I thought Malak was somewhat brutish, and lacked finesse. Which is the reaosn why he failed to kill Revan, and the got a beaten by Revan.
  2. No. Game Saves will not be used from KOTOR.
  3. Hunt? I don't think that's exactly correct. They are certainly looking for you, but hunting makes it sound like they are trying to kill you first. Which the trailer implies they are more than willing to let you join.
  4. Whether the idea is good or bad, it does NOT matter. The problem is, this solution is too easy AND cheap. If they do this, they can expect to be flamed.
  5. I most interested in Kreia. What kind of mentor is she? Like Qui Jonn Jin? Obi-Wan? Or More like Yoda? Or maybe another Jolee, minus his fake craziness and real humor?
  6. Agreed. And that's why I don't just want a pure "force persuade". It seems more like a mind takerover. With a combination between a natural "oersuade" and "force persuade", the force will much more a nudge than anything else.
  7. I'm not betting on it. But if it does, this one of the few times I know when a game actually gets released earlier than usual, without actual immense from the publisher to do so. I'm pretty sure both Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts are more than willing to release this game, but I bet they are much more willing to hold back if they feel that they can't make it. Either way, I think it's still officiall February 2005, but it's up in the air.
  8. Well, I think it is quite obvious, as they pointed out that you can most definiintely turn many party mamebers to the dark side. However, Like he said, however, I don't see a big mission, so I'm guess you are pretty much free. It seems that, the Sith are looking for you, not trying to exactly kill you. The implications seems to me that you can become Sith, and maybe join.
  9. I don't think you are exactly correct. It is not as much people "hate him, it is just that people do not really care to know more about him. Even if they release info, I doubt anyone would talk about him more than a couple of hours.
  10. are you talking about the ability to join the sith? If so we were talking about not just picking a presstige class but truely joining the sith (i.e. becoming a DS apprentice or something like that). Or being able to sway other sith to follow you even if they don't join your party or affect the game play but having them swear their loyalty to you and only you. ^_^ In the first game you could become a Dark Sider but other than Uthar you couldn't get anyone else you swear loyalty to you (but only after you found out that you were Revan). As a lightsider you could get many people to change their ways which always kinda felt one sided to me atleast. A side note: It costs nothing for Uthar to swear loyalty to you. In fact, it saves his own skin, AND he gains a powerful ally. On a related note to Uthar: You can convince Yuthura Ban and Kel Algwin, and maybe Mekel (Not sure on this one), to return to the light. You can see them (yet again, not sure of Mekel) at the Jedi Academy at Dantooine.
  11. Actually you are correct, that's what the trailer allegedly implies. Let's hope it is true.
  12. That would work, except another problem would occur. They implies more than one person. And yet again, they believe you are the last jedi, not you all are the last jedi. Since I think they are going for singular, this wouldn't work. They could have used "this/that" person or maybe "who", but it would be unusually formal.
  13. The release date isn't misleading, as much as it is ambigous. They have to do it this way, to give them some space for testing. If they are done wit the game, I will have no doubt that they are going to release this year. However, they are extending to February 2005 for some space, just in case they make it. (Which is actually quite smart). And by not sticking to a specific date, they can do this at their own leisure.
  14. Think about this way. If they said "he or she will join us to the path of darkness", it well, sounds weird. It makes them sound like they aren't quite sure who they are trying to find, which won't make much sense, because they believe, you are, allegedly, the last jedi.
  15. I kinda of hope Canderous is in the game; I really liked his voice actor.
  16. That was the whole point of her character. She was supposed to be (using Canderous' comment) a Jedi princess. In that respect, I thought she was a great character, because I completely went for the whole stuck up/do what i say/i can't do wrong attitude. It was sort of like Princess Leia when she was first rescued. She didn't exactly thank Han and Luke, and started giving orders. Oh my god, that brings back memories. This is OT, but I wish I get transcripts of conversations between Canderous and Bastila, and Canderous and Carth. I just find them so funny.
  17. That's why I just want a good ole' regular whip. But I do see your point.
  18. Maybe their agenda just doesn't include attacking you. Canderous teamed up with you on Taris, not all Madalorians live out their lives as mindless killing machines. Maybe a side-quest? I like Canderous, but the correction is not all Mandalorians like to be brainless killing machines.
  19. My opinion Saberwhips are bad. Not because I don't like the idea. I like it. However a lightsaber has always similar to the sword, and whip is different the sword. Techically, If I remember, lightsabers don't have wait in the "light" part, so a saber is just like swingin' through thin air. Not as fun as it sounds, because using a whip is VERY weight control of the whip. What I mean is, an easy to judge your own whip to your own use. No weight, hard to control (Actually, all weapons are weight controlled, but whips, because of their nature, are more dependent). I feel lightsabers, especially singble bladed ones, with normal length, are lightsabers for knights. I don't hate short, or double lightsabers, however. They are for people are looking for an "advantage" but it differentiates that the fact they are not a "knight". (Like Darth Maul. But he didn't need to be a Knight be kick ass, anyway). Now that I think about it, I just want a whip. Not a saberwhip, but just a whip.
  20. No she could not. You either killed when u first met her or in the Rakatan temple! Faith! Not true. You can make her good again, but she may not join you.
  21. My my, what a decision. If you ask me, it really depends. A game must have both. but gameplay takes precedent in most situations. However, there are many great games that have the gameplay wrap around the story.
  22. I would like to see persuade/force persuade combinations, because force persuade seems so FORCED sometimes. Forgive the pun. a Persuade/force persuade would have a much bigger effect. You can persuade, but use a little force here and there. The way it is done in the game, it's more like force dominate mind than force persuade.
  23. If you ask me, I don't have a DVD at all. But I will realistic and honest. Eventually we all have to upgrade, but not as a sake for anyone else, but for ourselves.
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