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  1. Yea, I agree. I've played Kotor like half a dozen times and never in the same way. And each time I play I discover new dialogue or other things to do. Good post, Renegade.
  2. Well, maybe since the Republic, Sith, AND Jedi fell from their superpower positions the galaxy was plunged into our equivalent of a "Dark Age", where technological progress was stunted. If our own history proves anything it's that in the absence of a superpower, technological and social progress slows down, halts, or even degrades. Another possible explanation is this: ever read Nineteen Eighty-Four? It seems that the Republic is in a constant state of war (Exar Kun, Mandalorian, Sith, and lord knows what in the next 4,000 years), so when expending all resources to the totally destructive
  3. I think she should most definitely be back in. She was the most interesting character in the game, made all the moreso because she was terribly flawed but with a good heart. The actress who did her voice was also the best of the group, in my opinion anyway. Quite frankly I'd be contented if she was the ONLY one of them who returned, such was her effectiveness as a character. I don't even think she would have to be a love interest again; perhaps her heart lies with Revan still. In any event, she should definitely be brought back, at least for the light side and depending on what you say at the
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