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  1. Almost forgot to mention some more ideas I had for unlockables. MODEL VIEWER (View 3D Models for characters, vehicles and items encountered during the game,) MUSIC THEATER (Hear music from the game. Unlock more tracks as you hear them from certain moments in the game,) GAME LOG (View your completion percent by viewing completed events, choices made, quests completed, and enemy types discovered during the course of the game. Undiscovered quest logs are marked by question marks. This is a pretty fun way to keep players going back to try to find out what they missed.)
  2. Greetings, I am pretty new to the forums but I figured the real reason to register was to post up ideas that might make the game worth it's weight in gold. The idea I had was quite simply unlockable features. Now I do not know if anyone has asked this but if so, then I am sorry. The featuresI had in mind to unlock were CGI cutscenes from the gameplay (The only unlockable features from the first KOTOR,) Concept art (Always surprising to see what went from inside the minds of the developers and onto a blank piece of paper,) a Mini Game replay function (Let's try to beat your best swoop racing t
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