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  1. Man I wish, Yuthura Ban was in, but I really wonder how they would implement her; I'm really would like her to be in the game, but I wouldn't be surprsied if there was no Yuthura Ban in the game.
  2. Very good writing. Maybe you should start writting your own pieces of original fiction.
  3. Man, these storylines are HILARIOUS. If weren't for the fact that I want a darker game, these would be great.
  4. I completely agree. I have said this many times. I think Revan's *real* past has something to do with TSL seeing as we barely know anything about Revan's past. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That would be interesting; TSL being about Revan's past just as much as future.
  5. As if the Republic does not have enough enemies. :D
  6. Magnification of emotions is the Dark Side. I don't think Sith hate Aliens inherently, (Yuthura Ban nad Uthar are an example), but most of the head Sith are humans. And then you know how the Sith are. Self-importmance. <_<
  7. O don't think so. I think they will see it as somewhat of a hindrance, and maybe even annoying, but if they do in fact rent or buy the game, it shows that they have enough intereste in the first place.
  8. The end? Well, yeah, it is, I think I know what you guys mean now, but if you play around with numbers, things do change. :D
  9. Not really, if you think about it. The first one shows COMPETING Sith lords. The second one shows a UNITED, or a SEMI-UNITED sith lords. Doh, I never considered you could go against everyone on your own, never thought about that.
  10. The point is, he is willing to break principle if it met his own ends. Thrawn is great example of this. If Thrawn was a tallentless hack, (which he is not), he would have much less chance to get compared to human talentess hack (think of Admiral Motti, for example).
  11. I agree with him. If the backstory was flawed for KOTOR I, a lack of backstory for this game would be even be terrible. We would need to understand what happened to Revan very clearly. You guys don't need much story for this main character, and you guys can make it easier on yourselves. My biggest issues with Revan was that anything that happened to him or Malak was not explained clearly.
  12. I consider each Sith Lord has THREE separate enemies. But I do see your point IF it turns out they are one WHOLE enemy. If they are three separate and competing sith lords, I don't see how the fighting against republic would be that many more enemies. LS Would be: You + Republic vs. Darth Sion vs. Darth X vs. Darth Y DS would be: You + Darth Sion vs. Republic vs. Darth X vs. Darth Y However, if we consider the Sith Lords are united as a whole, then: LS would be: You + Republic vs. The Sith Lords DS would be YOu + Sion vs. Republic vs. Remaining Sith Lords
  13. Different, but very good and well explained theory. However, about the part the DS ending part where they rebelled because they did not understand the order he gave, I think it is more likely, (and evil), that he gets kicked because he lost a source of his power, not because he ordered it destroyed.
  14. If you guys remember, one of Darth Sidious's apprentices were Darth Maul, an alien. However, that is different, because he doesn't yet have ultimate power; he had no luxury to be picky. However, when he became Emperor, he felt that he could do whatever he wanted, and so it seemed that he was especially against aliens; there's still one more exception, though, and that is Grand Admiral Thrawn (EU), but he is not just alien; he is a very, very, stragetician and tactian, and the Emperor was so impressed that he made Thrawn a Grand Admiral. Although, when he did, he ordered Thrawn to take over Outer Rim.
  15. Korroban might not have as much potential as Onderon does, but think about this way; which is easier to get a hold of and keep control? A planet where there is relatively few people, or a plenet would with hundreds of them? Then again, Onderon would be definitely the better investment, but I wouldn't want it necessarily as a starting place.
  16. I don't think this would necessarily make it harder. I think it just means you won't have to fight Sion; which makes me wonder, who's more powerful, the Republic, Or Sion's Sith?
  17. it doesn't really clash with the timeline <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, it does. This guy is alive 44 years before Sion is.
  18. I don't think that'a Darth Sion, but I certainly believe there's being inspiration drawn, here.
  19. There was a time when they had very good in-house ADVENTURE games, but I'm not so sure they can do a RPG. Besides, most of the in house development teams have been already or being layed off.
  20. Well bounty hunters is a rather loose term; there are many bounty hunters that prefer to kill simply because it is the faster option. However capturing takes more skills, and is a lot slower. But it is also more clean.
  21. Yeah, it seems so. No more adventures games anymore, I think.
  22. It would interestign to see her again, like just any other character you have to not to kill, but I really doubt they will put her in.
  23. Maybe she's like Jolee. A former member of the Order, who only went up to rank of Padawan, but still kicks ass.
  24. That's exactly what I think. You know, I kind of like their partnership right now. Bioware makes the technology, Obsidian Entertainment makes the game. It feels fine to me. It feels more like a joint venture than "hand-me-down".
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