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  1. I chose to use consular/sith lord twice through the game, my other play was guardian/weaponmaster, i didnt really like that. But con/sithlord is really fun. I dont think you actually need the consular force points though, midway through the game i never ran out of force points
  2. You're looking too much into this Vrook thing, he is a jedi not a sith. Fear may lead to the dark side, but he's not afraid, hes trying to "save" people.
  3. A while back in the ask the devs forums, i asked about new armor textures instead of just painting over the old ones, they said they couldnt. Ill try to look it up again.
  4. Ive played this game twice already on XBOX. DONT LISTEN TO ANYONE!!!!!!!! THIS GAME OWNZZZZ. dONT EVEN LISTEN TO ME. pLAY IT FOR YOURSELF
  5. My first play through was lvl 15 con/10 sith lord
  6. I used one silver single saber.... alliteration!!!
  7. Ummm, My char was ended at 15 con/10 sith lord...... finished the game exactly 22 hours and 12 minutes. I did a considerable amount of side quests. Got my lightsaber once I hit DANT (was my first planet). I thought the beginning of the game was kind of slow, but it starts to get a little bit better.
  8. At first, the 2nd game is kinda slow.... but once u hit korriban its starts getting fun..... REAL FUN!!!
  9. You guys are losers....... Just play the game and be happy with it, is a key-chain really gonna change your life? Just be happy its almost here
  10. OKay, now that Pc gmaers know the release date..... let them get off forums for a bit and play some other games. Ill meet you On gorath server on SWG, my name is Vimeed. Send me an email. If u dont play on Gorath.. make a char and message me and Ill meet you on TC-AHAZI to pvp
  11. I like scoundrel because they got sneak attack and scoundrel luck. Which helped out with my Jedi Consolur
  12. Nerdy?? The old movies are the best ones..... and I really don't see how they are nerdy, not everyone dresses up like a star wars character and visits a star wars convention.
  13. I chose prestige classes cause they all sound uber just by their names
  14. copy that huge pic from gamespot into paste and stand up and look down on the masked sith's face its a creepy mans face
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