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  1. I think he's just messing around. I looked trhough the whole site, and I found othing partiicularly significant. He really doesn't know better.
  2. Bao-Dur seems to me as the steady, strong, but flexible partner. It seems that Kreia's role might have something to do with Revan, if you ask me.
  3. Chaotic Stupid Behavior was the DS way in KOTOR, and it sucked. I hope they would be able to allow more manipulation.
  4. ThanX! Nice to be back! And I know, I'm in a serious game of catch up with everything. I'm dissappointed about there not being any Coruscant in the game, but I'm sure Obsidian has worked out something cool in the way of a Jedi Base in the game. I didn't finish my speculation on Coruscant once that fact started to set in. It didn't seem right to use the forum for fan fiction because without speculation that's all that it was. But the possibility of training others in the force is just too great to feel glum over Coruscant not being there. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Man, your fan fiction was great!
  5. Welcome back! :D A lot of has a happened since you were gone.
  6. that's not bad at all. at least they didn't push it back to february (no pun intended). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Um... that wasn't a pun. :">
  7. I just realized, there's not four basic and essential things that change, but EIGHT. 1. Revan Male LS 2. Revan Male DS 3. Revan Female LS 4. Revan Female DS and 1. The Exile Male LS 2. The Exile Male DS 3. The Exile Female LS 4. The Exile Female DS
  8. In some cases, it will also begin to have an effect on OTHER companions, and they may start getting pissed off in a major way. So, does that mean substantially, or not substantially? it is difficult to gain maximum Influence. It is possible, though?
  9. Whether we are correct, or not, is a whole another issue.
  10. Your are very funny. If you got any more jokes, please tell them.
  11. Really? I would love to see that post; and besides, the more apprentices, the merrier.
  12. Hold on, so that means, the Handmaiden AND Visas Marr are both loyal to you? hmm....
  13. Spoilers!!! Watch out!!! Yup, it surely says so here <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, but I guess no noe really knows if we can get both; the only reason I would want to is, more apprentices.
  14. I'm seriously thinking; is it possible that Visar Marr may not be darkside, or the sith?
  15. I'll be one of the PCers, who aren't going to leave, because I have no issue with spoilers. (w00t)
  16. I don't have a problem with spoilers. In fact, I hate surprises. I hate surprise birthday parties, for example. Everytime people have a surprise birthday party, and yell, "SURPRISE!", it scares the crap out of me. Just an example. I like to be prepared, too.
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