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  1. Wait, so the Sith that appear in KOTOR I & II <{POST_SNAPBACK}> so some one has finally seen the light. Ya the story seems amzing but so scwerd at the same time which in this case is good.
  2. looking throught that guide I found anther charachter
  3. spolier you will bet down with it all night long with the foxy red head with big boobs and ass
  4. Estimated Arrival Date Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Xbox Preorder this item today and it should ship on 12/06/2004 Estimated arrival date Standard Thu, Dec 09 - Wed, Dec 15 Priority Wed, Dec 08 - Thu, Dec 09 Express Tue, Dec 07 This information is for shipping within the continental United States. For Alaska and Hawaii, allow 2 additional days for the item to arrive by Standard shipping. Delivery to APO/FPO addresses is only by Standard shipping and takes 3 to 6 weeks. See general information for shipping
  5. well just for you I got one big pic comeing up
  6. i mean why do they matter so much. a story should be the first thing on the list of important games. i know graphics need to be "cool" to attract some people. its just my opinion that graphics shouldnt matter more than the story <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thats what I was thinking, but nobody takes me seriously which is the way I like it
  7. ho my some one hasspoke the truth run and hide before the people come and take me away for being a whitch and burn me
  8. they suck just look at them all I ever see is squares and black and white what the hell is wrong with that
  9. are you could just close your eyes and not see them.
  10. Yeah, it might be the best console around, but that's just not good enough. And no more coffee for you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you are welcome fat kid
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