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  1. Your clever use of the asterisk will not deter me. (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hades_One, I think that actually might be censor filter.
  2. Okay, whoever has cool.gif needs to seriously resize their avatar. That was the 700 KB one. And for your guys info, it wasn't a sig; It's an avatar. Plus, I think Lacan and Lacan has a serious misunderstanding: Not a sig, an avatar. I think we can all agree, an avatar of that size, is WAY too big.
  3. First: Craigboy2, you guys have to learn some respect and manners. Saying to people "Go to hell" is not polite and friendly. Do you want people to say that to you? Lacan, 213374U: Who's avatar and sig are you guys talking about?
  4. Well, maybe, maybe not. We shall tommorrow. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dont make my lazy self find you guys the article that said it or the dev's confirmation.... THERE IS A LVL CAP AND IT IS; FOR GAMERS UNLESS THEY HANG BACK FROM THE STORY TO TRAIN: IMMPOSSIBLE TO REACH ITS SO HIGH /rant off <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sigh, the reviewer said he didn't see the level cap, so I'm going to assuming there isn't any. Chill dude.
  5. Well, maybe, maybe not. We shall tommorrow.
  6. I didn't have much of an issue with you guys not using the old characters, as much I wanted to know what happened to them. Yeah, most of their stories finished; however, I felt that Canderous's ending was kinga weak... like theres should have been something more; I hope he's Mandalore. P.S.: That kinda rhymed.
  7. Charisma was important for force powers, but IMO, wisdom had more usage.
  8. Well, sometimes, that's not even the issue. Some stores get the game WAY early, and they even sometimes mess up so bad, they release the game up to FIVE days early. However, these are also the same game stores who release games FIVE days late.
  9. I'm a PC'er, but can I ask you to PM me some info that I might need?
  10. It seems to me ALL jedi master Form I, and most go on to Form VI. However, Form VI have much advantages, nor many disadvantages; what's the point of having them? Can't you just use Form I instead? BTW, can you give me the History of Juyo and Vaapad? I can't seem to find much info on either. And btw, are there any forms for double bladed sabers, or holding a lightsaber in each hand?
  11. The hard working developers at obsidian had to make a choice way back in production... Create the X-Box version and complete the deadline of 6th December 2004, or lose the deadline attempting to complete both versions at once.... They made a call that the X-Box version should be complete first and therefore American X-Box users get the game first. European X-Box users dont get it because the Dvd drive uses different encoding in the 2 different places. And the PC version wont be completed, and isnt completed to date so that is that sorted... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not completely true. They were done with both versions of games. It was Lucasarts' desicion to release the game early. Trust me, I didn't think Obsidian Entertainment was too happy about it either. You know, they could have done some extra content for the X-Box USA, and release it on Feb 2005, but Lucasarts decided not to. And if you ask me, they don't have a real reason to postpone the PC game, unless they made some sort of deal with Microsoft.
  12. Can you match up the form names to their roman numerals? Please?
  13. Um... Okay. I guess. I only know the forms by roman numeral. Heh.
  14. It isn't. Juyo isn't Vaapad. Also: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Say what? Whatchu sayin' Willis?
  15. Well, in a timeline perspective, his style shouldn't be in the game. But hey, it's cool! And if you think about it, for a certain battles, there maybe more than one form that is bad or good for it. For example, if you fight against a large group with blasters, you can use a form that can either fight large groups, or protect against blasters. Just a thought.
  16. And that is the same reason store like EB would not put a game on the shelf prior to the release date, but a chain like Wally World would. The wage slaves at Walmart just grab a box and whatever is in it, so long as it is the right type of item, goes on the shelf. HL2 was on the shelf 2 days prior to the release date at the Walmart in my town, and with one of those goofy "Just Reduced" labels on it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, I don't have much respect for big chain stores when they pull off stuff like that. It seems to me that they pull off this kinda things, because they won't get punished by it.
  17. Now, I'm a PC'er, so this doesn't affect, but I do the big name stores have less manners than the more dedicated game stores. (EB Games, Funcoland, Gamestop), when it comes to games. I have experienced up to 4 day delays or early releases from big name stores, who aren't dedicated to gaming, (WalMart, Target, KMart). It just happens.
  18. No. I bitter at being screwed over by both Lucasarts AND Microsoft. I have nothing really against the X-Box itself.
  19. KOTOR 1 was ported to Mac. So was Fallout and Fallout 2. Edit: As someone that has just purchased a Mac, I'd like to see the game ported to OSX. Using nebulous phrases like 'better graphics' does not, however, help the cause. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Kotor 1 mac? When? I need to see.
  20. The Malak battle was pretty easy if you knew what to do.
  21. Maybe, maybe not. We shall see. I kinda get the sense, that in the end of the game, it became too easy. Didn't they say were doing a level cap, though? They though of increasing it to 20 to 30?
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