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  1. Guys, have you thought of the possibility that there isn't 2 mandalores; Rather, the Mandarole that Hk-47 didn't kill could have killed by someone else?
  2. The question is not should they have spent more time, is if Lucasarts should have allowed more time.
  3. They rated it from an objective view as possible, Greg already stated in the review that this game is clearly for the fans of the first game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True, but does that mean newcomers will dislike the game? The graphics aren't so bad too be 6. People won't turn on their X-Boxes and say, "Aw damn, this game looks like crap".
  4. Heh. I have nothing against the X-Box itself. :D It's Darth Gates, and his messed marketing strategy. If you guys get the game early, it's only fair to let us complain about it. :D
  5. At least you guys don't have to wait over 2 months. :D
  6. I don't trust Walmart or Target that much. They either do it too early or too late.
  7. How did you get two free shipping? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I ordered TSL during a Gamestop 48 hour stop watch sale on all Lucas Arts games. The deal was so good I pre-ordered TSL, Republic Commando, and Battlefront all together and got 2 day free shipping on all three games. Cheers! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Does this include guides?
  8. Wait, wait, wait! Aren't you the same person who has made two threads recently about how lazy the devs are and how bad the game is going to be? Yet you want to buy it on it's initial release date? Considering the amount of complaining you've done, I would have thought you'd atleast wait for the PC version and for one or two patches first. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> HA! Exactly my thoughts!
  9. How the hell would we know? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't think he's asking us. It's a "Question to Devs."
  10. I can empathasize with how you feel. If Bioware had been Making KOTOR 2, I would feel the same way as you did. But they are not making it. Black Isl... I mean, Obsidian Ententainment is. I would come to expect that is the least they would do, and I would have little very against it.
  11. Fable was bad? You must be kidding me. I don't want to say this again but: OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT SAID THEY WERE NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO THE GRAPHICS ENGINE.
  12. Yeah, not exactly true. Places like Target, Walmart, and K-Mart, don't really care a lot, so they sometimes do it on purpose, or out of carelessness. I doubt dedicated game stores, would pull off that kinda thing, though.
  13. Well, don't worry about places like Gamestop. Chances are, there shipment was late; it is places like Target, (like you said), Walmart, K-mart, that you have to worry about.
  14. I don't really care about spoilers all that much. I'm staying just to keep an eye on certain people. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Me? It's me! It's me right? well I know that the only place where I would put a spoiler is in a spoiler forum! :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Keepjng an eye on you? Naw. There are some very... impoilte.... people on the board whose behavior has to be checked.
  15. Not exactly. Some stores get before the 6th. Some are just too lazy to put it on, or afraid the date is not exactly correct, so they delay it by a day.
  16. No, he said "sig." If he means "avatar" he should say "avatar." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's why I said there was a misunderstanding.
  17. I don't really care about spoilers all that much. I'm staying just to keep an eye on certain people.
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