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  1. Who would you rather have develop this? Im definitely gonna have to go with Bioware on this one.
  2. yeah......you're really dumb aren't you Maria............. What an idiot. Didn't even know that Chris Avellone is the lead on the Kotor 2 project. That's pretty low.
  3. Craigboy that isn't IGN.....your link is to gamespot.com.......
  4. Yeah I can't get it until tomorrow either.....stupid EB Games!
  5. I thought I remembered someone mentioning tattoes in Kotor 2 but I'm not sure. Can you get tattoes?
  6. Some FPS's like Halo have great story lines, you dont know anything.
  7. I would definately rather have the Echani pissed off than Mandalore.....in K1 it seems like the Echani are wusses. Maybe not the Echani in K2 though.
  8. hmmm, im currently on manaan right now so i should encounter him soon. but i think the guy ur referring to is in gold armor and is in the bar on manaan on the west side i think. he's near the selkath who gives you the side-quest to go in the sith embassy and find out what's going on so the republic can get an advantage. and also if i recall correctly that echani guy was quite crazy, kinda a parallel of canderous. btw, thx for the info mr. avellone. if you keep giving away secrets like this you can expect a break-in at obsidian in the near future <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats the Iridorian I was talking about.
  9. Oh yeah Chris any Iridorian armor in the game? That guy looked pretty sweet on Manaan in the Cantina! Revan: "Im going to go now" Iridorian: "Yes I'm not suprised. There are few who feel.....comfortable.....in my presence"
  10. Holy crap no way you posted the same godd*** thing! And I swear i didnt read yours first, when i clicked post it there were only 2 replies, then when i entered there were like 15, including yours! Great minds think alike, eh?
  11. Hmmm. If the Echani and Mandalore are in your party at the same time, theres going to be some big arguments!!!
  12. Holy **** he has it, there is no disputing that. The disc and the picture of the manual. Anyone who still thinks he doesnt have it is a dumb***.
  13. Dont assume Halo is terrible. Dont just say that because its Halo. Halo is a great FPS and a great game in general. So is KOTOR, if you replace FPS with RPG.
  14. IGN: 9.6 Gamespot: 9.4 Gamespy: 5/5 Thats what Im thinking/hoping for.
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