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  1. i think i might look kinda like a pine tree green that would be kinda diffrent
  2. one question you get lightside points and the other ds.after you answer a few of them they will tell you your rank
  3. im xbox for now but im getting an alienware in a couple months
  4. if they had the game there today i would get it there but they dont so im getting it at gamestop
  5. call them,my wal mart didnt have it but i live in iowa so i have to wait till monday
  6. some people already got it at there wal mart the wal mart must of had it and slod it before the realease date
  7. i dont think there lying cause some one else that lives in philly got it to
  8. a little late cause if you dont want this game spoiled for you i suggest you vacate the premasis
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