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  1. I'm actually expecting Korriban to be largely deserted, and in a terrible mess. I imagine I'll be running into a Sith Lord down there somewhere ... [Me] <Entering a dark chamber and seeing a Sith Lord> [SithLord] "Who or what were you expecting to find here, I wonder ..." [Me] <in a coldly serious voice>"It doesn't matter, now that you're here." [SithLord]" Indeed. You seem to have some spirit in you. Not like the others." [Me] <still in a calm and very cold voice>"You wouldn't know the half of it." [SithLord] "Impressive, we shall see if your abilities match your arrogance."<He advances while igniting lightsaber> [Me] <ignites sabers and goes into defensive stance, with a determined expression>"As you wish." I live for moments like that :lol: . [Aside]The above may even happen in the ruins on Dantooine. :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  2. i would like to visit dantooine the first opportunity i get..but im not stupid theres probably tons of dangerous animals there so i will wait until i gain a few levels first
  3. you two are annoying me now..im goin and i will delete my two irrelevent posts tomorrow...hopefully you will have posted by then
  4. it would undeed cause a riot.....and on a more serious note OE would probably be shut down never to return again......but thats under the 99.99% chance that your first post is actually going to happen.
  5. that would be soooooooo not funny it would just be upsetting.
  6. doubtful....they have just about conquered the galaxy why do they want an ancient sith lord.....my guess is the dark jedi were seeking an artifact or lots and lots of power (suprise suprise)
  7. the great thing about star wars is tha you can blame all bugs on the force! it was the force
  8. so thats who darth sidious is!!! the emperor!!!! thx for the info!
  9. oh you meant bridges!!! yes my last post was just blindly agreeing with you because i didnt know what you were on about....but yes the bridges were tiny on republic ships which also was a bad thing...and why didnt we get to measure the scale of any of the capitol ships on the game? i shud probably ask bioware...
  10. forget the uniforms the capitol ships SUCKED LIKE HELL!!!!!!! they looked like a quarter of the size of the sith ships and they shape was revolting...also they had about one gun turret on them (judging from the endar spire) and the sith ships had about 25 on each side!!!! no wonder they lost. who agrees with my bashing of republic capitol ships?
  11. yay nice speech! also u forgot to mention that if that dumb**** actually read topic titles he would see that they say spoilers on them if they contain spoilers...look at the other topic speculationg the snow planet... p.p.s. im almost fourteen (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  12. i dont see why everyone thinks fable is a bad game...i thought it was good..except that everyone else could teleport around like it was no problem but i had to charge the stupid guild seal...but assasin rush kinda cures that...anwayz back to the topic at hand: why did fable suck?
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