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  1. Some players with phone say there is a limitation to read the location description and active powers box on the left (you have to tap to expand it every time you need to read it). But developers said they are working to make reversible with the previous interface by players choice in next update. Then a lot of players play several devices (tablet, phone, emulator on pc) without problems as Hannibal said. I don't know what happen between one account on iOS and one account on Android for sync. But perhaps no one knows...
  2. Can you explain what you mean by "dismiss"? I can't figure out what that would mean apart from deleting the party on the Story Mode screen - would that delete progress (either adventures completed and/or difficulty tiers completed) when I start the new party? No mate, doesn't work in that way. Progress is the 'sum' of your characters completed scenarios in Story mode. And you never lose characters dismissing the party. Think the party as a temporary group of characters. To remove the party tab on Story in the main screen. And you will see the list of your current active parties. There is a X button on the top of each to remove that party. You don't lose the characters, only their group. Then you can create a new party from the same screen and then select exactly your previous characters. In general you can add or remove characters from a party without problems. Then if you remove an experienced character, the party could not to access some scenarios if he was the only character that could access them. Because every char have is own completed scenario sheet (check it to know if new chars you added miss something). So if your progress is stuck in Story, you can remove the party (with the memory of the last scenario in progress) and simply rebuilt an other one with the same characters to start that scenario again from the beginning from the difficulty selection screen. PS wonderful avatar
  3. Sometimes UI gets inconsistent.. in those cases you can try to reload the interface (entering Vault or main menu before reloading the current game). If the issue is persistent, you probably have to abort the current scenario (and sometimes dismiss the party before rebuild a new one with the same characters)..
  4. It's not so easy mate, for example my post above is at page 4 after 10 days.. There is a incredible amount of new data/threads in Tech support every day and new players don't know neither the game nor the forum enough. If you write issue graphic you get half the world.. It's really faster write few lines of text than find the right problem/solution among hundreds of threads and thousands of post inside. I can understand them..
  5. 10 days ago I collected some graphical glitches all together after the last patch... look here if you want to have a quick preview of 'new' ones http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88985-collection-of-graphic-glitches-with-new-ui/
  6. Yes, I agree. I don't like the daily login mechanism if you buy something for money (also because 6000 gold is one afternoon play time when you 'rock' legendary). A lot of games use that unfortunately..
  7. We all know there are a lot of issues in the game at the moment. Really a lot mate. Perhaps 100 is the right order of power to be honest. Some players simply can't play it at all after last patch. You can often refresh Vault from settings or going to main menu before continue Story progression... other times you learn how to avoid some of them. Developers are working on the AD4 content right now, because they are a little late for the first scheduling (June)... So we have a lot of players waiting new content since months and the works on the bugs could be delayed.. Then yea, the physical game is great, and you can 'taste' that with the digital version... but to be very clear the app is quite a beta release now (and still it will be for 6 months at least). I can only say that with some emulators I tried (Memu, Bluestacks, .. ) game is quite playable. For specific device issues then you need a lucky roll..
  8. Yes, some members are working on that. But at the moment there isn't a public complete gallery. I looked for that for weeks as you..
  9. I have a problem with unique items... where I can find the list? I knew I could have as many treasury cards in decks as the corresponding treasury cards you have collected...
  10. An other player reported that you can find the thread mate. Anyway try to dismiss the party (you don't lose the characters don't worry), and rejoin your favorite crew.
  11. It uses: strength/meele + 1d8 + 2, recharge to add 1d6 + Force, extra 1d8 if bane is a demon. It's good only if you meet a demon or you have many weapons. No idea where we could find one demon in RofR.. Perhaps next patch could add new scenario power to transform all the banes in demons ... as Demoniac Lock Door!
  12. I don't think mate. Also treasury card aren't part of the original tabletop game, so you can't find them on google. But in the forum there are a lot of very experienced players that can give you all info you need about any card
  13. If you find the item in any scenario, you can save all the items you want in the end step. Just remember you can't save aside cards, so select carefully what to maintain in your decks and what to discard. Then you will update your party decks with stronger cards every time you play.
  14. Augury is not a pure Support, if we intend support for other characters. Because 90% of the time we use it, it rearranges the location deck for the spell-casters exploration. Or in other words it helps the spell-caster himself in his own turn, and just sometimes it helps other chars at the same location. Statistically I use Augury at the start of caster turn to make him closing faster the location, so at end turn all the inspected cards are already drawn. Also in Legendary we have movement restrictions that highly reduce the use of Augury as support card for other characters. Scrying is Support indeed, because it can help who you want when you want freely. And if you can choose between Augury and Scrying, the second is clearly better.
  15. I don't think they can add banes to Rise of the RuneLords digital version if not already included. In fact Demonbane Longsword comes from a different game pack for what I can see googling.. Also the boons in treasure cards are light alteration to simplify player survival through scenarios. Where have you found it (I can't check the game at the moment)?
  16. At the moment you can't earn money replaying Normal/Heroic. At Legendary you still get full reward replaying. It seems a design choice developers did. A good part of this community is trying to persuade them to restore the little reward in gold players could take with lower difficulties. You are the last player who joined us for that
  17. I'm not so sure Godzilla would appreciate being called a Dinosaur. Oh no... my myopia is getting worse every day! Just going to my doctor! Reeeeally sorry Mr Godzilla!
  18. A private message to a dev. Look for threads with post of Aarik D (you can recognize his Dinosaur with sun glass) Enter his profile and select Private message, then describe the exploit. Alternatively you can send an email to support@obsidian.net If you want a confirmation about the exploit, privately tell me about that too. I ll do a stress test too
  19. I think we all experienced that at the beginning, when our decks are not optimal or our builds are still evolving. We have to empower our effectiveness, mostly collecting better cards and with accurate builds (more useful before stronger). So, some general advice are: - look for stronger weapons and offensive spells with more dice and recharge ability - look for better allies with more useful bonus and recharge ability - look for items with exploration/heal/trap abilities - add cures spells (2 is better than 1) if you can. If you are using Ezren, you probably lack Charisma. Try to evolve every char to make him self-sufficient. If your builds are good then you simply need better cards, so don't surrender and farm scenarios with a lot of weapons and spells in the most advanced AD you can. Strong decks required long time mate
  20. So we could say, if you really like some of them, get just those... For example I was interested just in Black Arrow bow
  21. We could say every monster with a check over 10 and that doesn't allow you weapon or offensive spells.. It includes also every monster I have still never encountered
  22. You have given Seoni a terrible game picture. It's not true at all. I played her from the beginning of my adventure with the game. 3rd character added and never removed. I play normally with her every single Legendary 6-party scenario I play. Never regretted about that. But I use also Ezren then, so I know perfectly how many times I have to help her and how many to help him. And I can say for sure that Seoni does regularly a high damage more easily than Merisel just 'recharging' one offensive spell. I never help her in a combat at Legendary 6-party since months... She has spell to move others characters, spell and items to reduce combat check of every other characters and allies and blessing to help others ... And in 3 turns she closes every scenario where I set her. I have no idea what build you gave her or deck you built for her... but I m sure they are quite poor to underestimate her so badly, try to rebuild her differently mate... @ MauGibrin Lem is better also in my opinion, but the op asked something different
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