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  1. Hi, is possible to add a setting to disable the dialog of the story-line pls?
  2. Hi, the tutorial for the Quest mode always pops up when I enter the selection of the party. Sure it is useful to remembers the rules, but could you add a setting to disable/enable it?
  3. You are right, I played with 2 before the patch. Now I need a team of three for the same gold reward and my equip isn't very strong... I hope to get better cards soon and I m trying to be more efficient ... but I m playing since few days so it's very hard for me to close quickly as u do guys
  4. Hi, it could be possible to extend the information in the Character Completion frame in a way that marks the different difficulties of a scenario completed by each character (3 check boxes for char)? Also, in the same frame there is an icon that cover the last mission (for the continue function I think) that cover exactly the completion mark. Could you move that icon a little in a way that it shows also the mark below? Thanks in advance guys
  5. Hi, the new frame you made with the difficulty and rewards of the selected scenario is perfect, very clear and intuitive. But it seems that only the Legendary instances really apply the gold rewards, also if every difficulty show a reward. In other words repeating any completed scenario at lower difficulties, it s showed a scalable difficulty reward but only the first completion of those scenario rewards players. So could you extend the effective reward to all the difficulties. In this way players with low equip and stat can repeat every scenarios looking for better equip to improve the party and can still earn a little of gold. Also It helps new players to avoid to repeat several time the same scenario where they can more easily win (essentially The Poison Pill).
  6. Hi, I found some little issues for you guys The first (issue.jpg) is quite significant. It happened 2/3 times in Story mode but I always think it's just my newbie mind Basically the game skip the conditional preemptive roll before the combat. So if it's really an issue, it's up to you. The others happened after the scenario during the 'swap items' phase accessing the characters screen. I hope screenshots can help you guys PS: ZenPad 8, Android 6.0.1
  7. HI, just got Seelah and she is really great saving literally my life (in turns ), cause the new patch increased my normal crew to 4. Now, because I m quite new, I really need an expert help to have a good build for her to progress in the Story. I'm adding point to Strength to make her more self-sufficient in combat (then I think Wisdom). Then, an additional card for Spell. I'm using a Burglar for Traps. And for the first Power I have an hard decision between 5 cards Hand Size or the electrifying Improved Inspired Grace. What do you think? Thanks in advance
  8. Sure u can have that revenue for hour, cause u'r not a newbie like me! Cause u don't have to read again and again the description of weapons, of blessings, of enemies, of allies, of scenarios rules, of closing conditions to combine all the stuff together while managing the increased size party. Perhaps you just miss the word 'newbies' in the thread title. It's just before 'farming'. This is a thread for players without experience, so don't say to resolve it getting more expertise cause u can close everything in 20 minutes because none is interested in how good you are. Sure you are better than me in the game, everyone more experienced than me is a way better than me. Who doesn't know? Who care about that here? Why are you posting here? I think you wrote in the wrong session. Go to expert one... With this patch all newbies get less gold cause they have lesser party size (2-3) and they still loose the game half the time. Collecting gold now requires more time, and if the player is a casual one, much more time. Then u have shelves full of board games and you came to digital one... you have just greatly supported my thesis. Thanks.
  9. Hi, during a fight it happens to my Merisiel to have a Heavy Crossbow and a Shock Longbow in hand, so I often try different combination to maximize the chance. But the longbow can always be discarded do add a dice, the crossbow never does (only reveal option). The character has the proficient with weapons and the rule on the cards seems to me to be the same about that. So I think it could be an issue. In case it's not an issue, sorry about my newbie knowledge
  10. If you have a good game you want to expand the players to maximum. This is a great game but with low appeal for complexity, instability (previously) and cost. You can check yourself with the average rank users have given to it on the Android market. Also with the total download compared to similar popular game. I was literally missing this game for that and now I really think this game is a way better! But I continued because I know what I was looking for (I m quite aged..) All the physical board game are going in the history books... It's quite normal when 4 children can connect on the internet from their own homes (and country) and play the digital version of the same game (and there is a digital version of everything now). The physical version is a way funnier but new players hardly know it while they are after shooter or real-time strategy game or every other game for pc or playstation or xbox or ... and only few parents have ever played it. You need more statistical data and trend analysis to change that. I'm sorry, but also the physical books are going to disappear (trees all around the world are very happy about that) When I said a year I mean a player who play occasionally for months perhaps a year. I rushed down my thoughts and my English killed me.. Anyway we talk about 20.000 gold in total with 200 gold/h in my (newbie) case, for 100 h. So 100 h with sessions of 1h/day are 100 days. If you play 2 times a week are 50 weeks (about 1 year). My maths is quite good, the statistical distribution of casual or dedicated players with the average playtime then is just a rough estimation..
  11. The game seems more stable to me. Just a little more slow, also it freezes half a second here and there.
  12. Hi, after the last patch I have to complete the minimum team to get at least 200 gold for a legendary mission, also... I m totally new to the game So I m going after the Character add-on pack at 10.000, and I can board one last passenger before my "longest journey" No matter if it costs 1500 or 2000, all options opened. My team is Merisiel, Kyra and Seoni. Very happy about Seoni you suggested, but with the patch I got less gold in the end... and the way to 10.000 gold is very long. Can you help me to complete a solid crew? Thanks in advance mates
  13. Hi, I'm getting practice with all the cards of this great game and I'm also planning how to complete the collection of chars and expansions. So could you unlock the free exploration in Gallery for all the cards (also not yet owned)? It's really annoying to go on the web to get information about the content... and also in the shop I could see the deck composition before to buy it. It's normal to check to learn and before to buy of course. Everyone does Thanks in advance guys
  14. Hi, I tried some rounds with my 3-party (all I have at the moment)... and I got: - 150 gold in Story mode at scenario 0-2 Legendary (before 200) - 90 gold in Quest mode in easy difficulty (party is round levels 7) Now, clearly I m forced to add quickly a 4th character and to get practice with it to restore the gold earned to 200 per match in Story mode, with the easiest scenario I can afford at Legendary... And as f2p I can't choose the 2000 gold character if I want the Char add-on deck (meanly for Deck C cards) avoiding wastefulness... So, at the moment I need: - 1500 gold for a 4th char - 4000 gold for Adventure 2 (but it could be premature cause I can't complete actually Adventure 1 and I have to play at Legendary to stack gold efficiently for chars...) so the last becomes: - 1500 * 4 (missing 'cheap' chars) + 10000 (character add-on deck) = 16.000 gold = 80 rounds = ~50 h playing 0-2 legendary ... Then: - 4000 * 2/3 for the expansions ... So, the game is really great but if you want just relax and fun you have to wait a year at least to complete the collection... And a little consideration about the price in real money... 27 € for a digital board game on Android is quite out the market. You have a hundred of competitors at 5-10 € (and Pillars of Eternity is about 45 € on steam) ... And the game is very complex to learn and master... A lot of players try it and then go next one to get cheap fun. 27€ is a good price for the physical board game in the shop but that was the previous era... and I'm sorry about that cause I really enjoyed playing those games for hours with my friends around a table.. In my personal opinion at 15€ you ll triple the sells per month at least and double the continuous players that can then buy other new expansions (still for real money). Anyway you could try a promo period to see the outcome. And at 10€ I'd already bought it
  15. Could be possible to get compatibility with BlueStack emulator? I can't do the log in with the same Google account there.
  16. Hi, I'm new so I'm constantly reading description about everything and in the Store where you can buy characters, it's possible to view the powers icons for them, but it's not possible to read any description about the powers. Could you add the description there too (as in the Story/Quest frames)? Also it's possible to add the the two free characters (as already bought) so that newbies like me can easily compare all the characters thinking about new party members? Thanks in advance guys
  17. Hi, I'm newbie and I hope it's not my fault, but I have got 0 gold after a very hard mission 0-2 (the mission with the traps) for my new party. I just removed a character for a bad first built and added a new one of the same champion. I could select the legendary difficulty so I missed the mission before and tried with the party to get some gold... and in the end no gold for my team. So, is it normal for the game rules? Have I to redo all the previous missions to get the Legendary difficulty with this new party also if I can just select that already?
  18. Hi, I'm new with this great game. It could be possible to save the experience gained in loosing condition (or forfait) in Quest mode? I hardly win 1 game on 6...
  19. That really great But I think I'm doing something wrong... in restarting adventure. I bought the new char, I built the new party (all 3 as new chars, and the old party still up for the last missed legendary) but after the first quest I got 0 gold... What did I miss?
  20. I'm quite newbie, so can you help me with a good strategy to use the gold earned? Progressing in the story mode, I bought the first purchase at 80% discount, now I have 1600 gold and I'm wandering if to get a new char or saving that to unlock the next scenario (at 4000 gold ... ) Also I can't replay the old quests to get more gold and I'm getting stuck with the last missions or some side quest with greater difficulty... so I don't think I ll ever get to 4000 gold... Is there any solution? Thanks in advance guys
  21. Hi all, I just started this great game yesterday and I can't success even the normal fight in the quest mode. When I start the quest I can't use the expert chars of the story so I have 2 new ones with default cards (quite weak). Three times I got to the end boss in the corner but simply I can't beat her, she get bonus from my blessings and I have to roll three time to win, so I can't sustain all the win in a row loosing item for her damage... Also I don't get anything in the end and the chars reamins at 0 experience... So am I stuck there forever? Any good advice or strategy? I have only the starter chars, 1600 golds and quest 1 almost done in normal... Thanks in advance guys
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