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  1. We know you hate f2p players. Can you please stop to spam in the section continually your very explained thoughts? It's VERY annoying scroll entire pages to read others players post.. This is a forum not your personal blog..
  2. I confirm mccrispy experience. It seems to me more stable (with a bunch of UI glitch anyway). But I know there are players with serious bug that can't play at all at the moment reading in the Tech section..
  3. Great eye mate, as always I think that was a mix of UI content of both the chars. It could be interesting to know if spyglass could be 'extended' to other not turn players... but you are a fair guy I m just remembering once when my Ezren, not in turn, extended his spells in Merisel deck (in turn). Could he steal someone else spell?... there I understood that Ezren is a Great Magician and potentially an amazing thief
  4. The 'shield' on that Fire Resistance is wrong for me. It could be a bad overlap that cover the recycle icon on the card, because apparently game shows both the icons in Locksmith Armor. Perhaps devs could remove the shield at all when still there is a type of damage compatible with the card (other than the one not compatible).
  5. Why we don't have a bug list?? I could have exploited that for entire weeks!!!
  6. All purchases/transactions are recorded so the issue will be recovered in the end, as devs solve the problem.
  7. I have just read a thread of a player that bought the bundle at day 1 and was trying to wait for new content... replaying solo-scenarios. And he noticed that he can't play normal and heroic because he can't get gold.. and has to play solo-legendary (probably the hell on the ground of Pathfinder). I completely forgot solo-scenarios because I never play them, but a lot of you actually do. So this is an other very good reason to restore that minimal gold for low difficulties. Why let these players having lesser fun of others when they too bought the game and they are just trying to spend time waiting new content or changing the game for a while? Come on, we are talking of 100 gold and 150 gold fixed for scenario. So they can get a chest in 4 or 5 scenarios (after 2 hours at least of game! Nothing changes for players who play Legendary. You can add other purchase items in the shop: powered chest, chest with dice skin, powered chest with dice skin... All as pure booster. No need to remove that little reward for low difficulties guys. Please change your mind about it.
  8. Sometimes, but only sometimes, there is a mismatch between the type of damage you get and the type of damage Armor/Shields can reduce. Not all the damage you get is Combat damage as it could seems intuitively.
  9. Other players found the issue for real ... better to leave the thread still open
  10. Seoni is a better support. Ezren is very powerful but not a great supporter as Seoni in the common built. Seoni: - can use blessing to help - can use Arcane spells to help (auto recycling) - can use high rank Arcane spells to help (auto recycling) - can use Arcane items to help (auto recycling), ex Wand of Enervation - has a large hand So Seoni can do everything Ezren can do in a simple way, but also she has blessing you can use to help others. Then you can build Ezren as a pure supporter and he can have a very large hand always full of spells to help. But that build reduces sensibly his ability to fight and extra-explorations in casual locations.
  11. The chance to collect a specific card is connected to: - card AD indication (you can read it on the card itself, as B, C, 1, 2, 3,..), that must be fulfill (if you play AD2 you can't see 3 <--> AD3 cards in game, than C is an extension of the base set B that you can find everywhere) - location card types (if you are looking for a weapon, focus explorations in locations that have many weapon cards in the deck, trying to explore all the weapons you can) - [for treasure cards] increased chance from number of a specific card you have collected through the chests (so salvage multiple cards from chests that don't interest you, exploring the Gallery) Remember that you can find in any location all cards of that type but casually picked up from all the ADx 'opened' in your current scenario (and that you can check in the Vault). An example: - you are looking for weapon '2' (from AD2) - the best scenario to play is an AD2 one with a lot of weapon cards in its locations. That's because if you play AD1 you can't find your card, and if you play AD3 it adds weapons 3 to the location decks and you have a lesser chance to find yours. Then Treasure cards don't belong to the original tabletop game, so same players disable possibility to find them in Story. But I like the content the devs added to the game (it also reduce monotony of decks), and some cards are really funny to play. So it's your choice there.
  12. Wonderful Strategy guide. Game changing for all new players. Experienced players already got the concepts, but there they are explained really very well. Could be possible to integrate it as second tutorial as textual recap? Better redundant and easy accessible than forgotten. It would be very useful for sure, like adding some combat example (just textual description) for practical explanations how some combat works (type and number of cards that can/can't be used, type and number of blessing that can be added in particular cases, effect of changing the attribute of a combat). An other great help could be a commented scenario periodically, to build a kind of archive from Normal to Heroic to Legendary on the forum. You already did the base, but it can't cover all the complexity of the game. Also it could be possible to add one own streaming or recording of the scenario for the selection of the best of the week. That would be an activity involving for months the community.
  13. There are some damages that can't be reduced, so prevent any defensive items to be used. Could be it the case? Any scenario powers?
  14. Story and Quest characters are separated mate. 24 chars one and other 24 chars the other at max. Story and Quest collect differently cards, rewards, powers and abilities. Multiple parties just help us to easily progress with different group of characters. Some players have a primary full party and a secondary party with the left 5 characters for example.
  15. If anyone play Legendary doesn't have the problem of gold ... doing 400 gold per scenario. If someone is not Pro like you surely are... perhaps play still normal or heroic, so perhaps he wish to get some chests... and as I already said in the first post that you reported, he can get only 10 chests playing those difficulties once actually. So all your post in the middle could be avoided because well known or irrelevant in the discussion. So in your posts just hatred and offences on someone else...
  16. The only players who need gold from Normal and Heroic difficulty are newbies. Both P2P and F2P. They are the only one who can benefits from the discussion. That why I take attention to the problem. Then I have to correct my English, because it's not my language... You really didn't guess right one...
  17. Gold collections is for P2P as well ... have you ever tried to use brain before open mouth? And I don't need more. I have all chars and unlocks... what are you shouting alone with imaginary statements like a foul? I don't play Normal or Heroic since 2 months then, only Legendary 6-party... have you ever tried to ask information before to insult and accuse anyone? As half world I don't like to buy half beta programs... It was an easy answer. And I found this game looking for a coop rpg (with multiplayer function)... so this game is not what I m actually looking for at the moment. Also I'm not playing at all the game since a week, so ... all your premises are aleatory.
  18. Ehi guys, could be possible to access and read the list of all the available Wild Cards in game?
  19. As mccrispy said, there could be some conditions aside. But 2 damage if you beat him seems quite odd to us. It's a lot of damage, also if it was undefeated for any reason (no magic attribute, no fire attribute or something like that). Give us more info, like scenario, difficulty and if you can recognize the bane in the Gallery, the monster you defeated. If we still are getting this type of issue with the last patch in game logic.... there isn't any piece of code safe... how sad it would be...
  20. Is there the possibility to remove limitation of 1 party at a time for every char instance? That is a limitation that create a lot of issues around the interface too. You could think at Merisel that works with Kyra in the morning.. .. then she works with Seoni and Lini in the afternoon.. .. then Meri works with Seoni and Amiri and Ezrel in the evening.. .. than she goes to bed because it was a long day of work!
  21. You say that, and I believe and trust you mate. But they avoided a direct question again. Not respectful forwards customers and all supporters. And the logic still miss, because with only gold reward for first run in Normal and Heroic with half AD released, the returned total gold is halved at the moment. so we have: 18 available scenarios (AD0 to AD3) in Story 100 gold for Normal for every first run -> total 1800 gold 150 gold for Heroic for every first run -> total 2700 gold For a P2P that is 10 chests and he has to play Legendary to get more chest or maybe Quest mode (they solved feat issues for real? no idea..) And if you replay scenarios leveling new chars after fist run? .. still 0 reward! Or they think you can play with naked and under-powered char a Legendary difficulty? because a party has only 6 slots.. And in all cases, this is the first game that gives 0 reward if you play low difficulties! how odd it sounds if you think about it.. They are doing arguable design choice that doesn't satisfy players... what is the sense? To sell more Gold purchases in the market? 20.000 gold for 30$/€ ? that is it?
  22. For a while, then you ll have the same situation with the dice too. A lot of duplicates of low rank. But it could be clearly a booster, so probably paid with money, not gold.
  23. But the main question is still unanswered... no gold replaying Normal/Heroic (for both P2P and F2P) is intentional or an issue? And secondary, if a player is not confident to play Legendary what have to do? Pay money to buy 50 chests and becoming confident?? No logic in this....
  24. Personally I think that a lot of players will appreciate to set specific dice to specific characters (in a couple of weeks they will have a dozen of new dice anyway), so you could give them both the settings. For example a character remember the last die he used if it is still free in the collection. It's reasonable and make everybody happy.
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