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  1. Been playing on an Xperia Z1 compact for quite some time already. While I admit that the bigger location effect display is a bit easier to read, I dislike needing two additional clicks to remind myself on the closing requirements and effects. How about a best of both worlds approach: reinstate the previous location display, but allow zooming in for ease of reading if needed. If this was supposed to award gold for syenarios below legendary that were already completed by the player, but not by the characters: it still doesn't. If not: why not (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88925-no-gold-on-replay-except-on-legendary-why/)?; and what was the issue that had been resolved?
  2. Just verified: it's not just a display bug. No gold awarded on nomal difficulty. Player had already cleared the quest, but none of the characters had. Which feels kinda wrong. I very much appreciate that it is at least possible to grind gold by repeating szenarios on legendary, but if the dev's are ok with that, I doubt that there would be a problem with awarding gold on less-than-legendary if none of the participating chars has completed the scenario. From a pure gold-per-playtime perspective, it's less efficient to grind by staring over with fresh chars again and again, but it would feel much more rewarding when playing with your newly bought chars for the first time.
  3. Greetings! While waiting for FotSG to release, I finally scraped up enough gold to aquire the Character deck (yay for daily challenge rewards!) and put my original party to rest while the new kids catch up in feats. Which now brings me to a conumdrum: I need (and want, it's great fun to have to play with new strategies to accomodate another set of abilities) the new chars to go trough the story from the start, so they can earn their feats. Legendary mode is not feasible for them yet, but none of them have completed the missions on normal. On the other hand, I need to build up new gold reserves so I can get FotSG when it finally arrives. Sadly, that means grinding with my established party on legendary... What I'd propose is to award gold for completed scenarios on low and medium difficulty if none of the characters in the party have already completed that scenario, instead of only award the gold when the player has never completed it. It's sill less gold than farming Poison Pill on Legendary, but way more fun to actually play the game, while still coming with a tangible reward for succeeding. Looking forward to reading other player's opinion and dev's rationale for not doing it this way in the first place ) Regards, LordHelmchen
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