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  1. I've been stuck on this all month. I finished Dare or Dare and could not resupply. I disbanded my party and was able to move on to The Devil of Sandpoint but I'm still short on cards and am not getting the option to add from the collection when I rebuild. Playing on an iPad, player kreniigh #5760.
  2. This is not a game-breaker by any stretch, but it's odd. I started Local Heroes with Merisiel (among others), and on her first turn she had Detect Magic in her hand. She has no spells in her deck. All of her other cards were still there. Am I missing some detail or quirk of the game, or is this a benign bug? Does it happen with other characters/cards?
  3. Does the Miracle Collector power that Kyra gets as a Healer give a +2 bonus to checks to recharge Divine boons as well as to acquire them? (Reason I ask is, my Kyra is an Exorcist but appears to have gotten Miracle Collector through some glitch -- even though it does not show up as being a feat she possesses in her powers list -- and whenever I attempt to acquire OR recharge a Divine boon, the icon for Miracle Collector appears briefly and I get +2 to the roll.) thanks
  4. I've gotten past this. I think what did it was going into the Rules when offered the choice to do so, just before going to the Role selection screen, and looking at a few of them.
  5. I went through AD3 in the same order as Mondkuss (finishing on scenario 4) and now I have this problem with Lem: I was able to pick his power for scenario 4, and then was taken to the Role screen; I can switch between the roles and I can scroll down and see all of the powers for each role... But I cannot select any of them. Tapping on them does not highlight them or even display the feat description at the bottom. And since I can't select one, I can't tap the advance arrow. I can go out to the main menu and come back in and re-do the Rewards process from the start. So, I'm totally stuck as far as this party/saved game goes.
  6. Occasionally I will add a character I haven't used in a while to my party, and before I can go into a scenario, I have to add a card or two to their decks because apparently some have vanished. I'm wondering if this is a glitch, or maybe some cards just get removed from the game after a certain point -- for example, I could see Aldern Foxglove being retired after the Skinsaw Man is defeated. Or are there some cards (maybe Loot) that cannot be owned by two characters in the same party, so one of them gets removed when the characters are put together?
  7. In my Story mode party, Merisiel is an Acrobat and Kyra is an Exorcist, but after taking those Roles I found that Merisiel has the feat Magic Expert (from Thief) and Kyra has the feat Miracle Collector (from Healer). Those feats are not marked as owned if I look at the feat trees, but they are present within the game -- they are offered (in the case of Magic Expert) or automatically given (in the case of Miracle Collector) when an appropriate roll is being made. There are two possible things that may have caused this: 1) I finished Adventure 3 out of order, on Here Comes the Flood; 2) I chose roles and clicked next without specifically selecting the powers I intended, thinking there would be another screen for that. Seelah was also in the group and took Crusader; she ended up with Enemy Lore Undead, which happens to correspond with her Role, but again, I did not select it. I haven't gotten another power feat since then, and so I don't know what will be available to me... I am on a Samsung S4 running Android 5.0.1 PFID-837A32EFE81A129E Is it safe to assume that, even if this is a bug that gets addressed, there is no way to have the characters reset back so that I can pick the feats that I wanted? I don't want to go forward with Magic Expert. thanks
  8. I believe you that it works this way, but no other card reward does, and the physical card game does not. So it may not be a bug, but it's at least an incorrect implementation of the rules...
  9. I am having a similar problem. I did the scenarios in the third adventure in Story mode out of order, such that Kyra, Seelah, and Merisiel played Here Comes the Flood last. At the end, I got the Role selection screen and was able to select Roles for all three, and then clicked next and went through the deck reorganization screen, and then got back to the main screen and thought, "wait, what about my new power feat?" Turned out, only Seelah had one, and it was not the one I would have chosen. All three had their Roles, but that's it. Now maybe what happened was, I was clicking around looking at various feats while deciding which Roles to take, and when I clicked next, I got whatever feats happened to be highlighted at the time, and only Seelah had a new one highlighted. If this is the case, it didn't occur to me that Role choice and feat choice both had to be set before clicking next, and the game did nothing to stop me. So it might be partially my fault. But the thing is, getting a Role and getting that first new unlocked power feat is arguably the high point of the game, the part most players look forward to most eagerly. Even more than winning the final scenario, because it opens up new possibilities instead being just the end. I am totally disheartened at this point. I only have time to play one scenario a day on average, so starting Kyra and Merisiel over -- no, just no. I really hope there is a way to fix this, because I want to play the rest of the game, and right now I just can't even bring myself to play it. Oh, and I also realized later that I got none of the allies as a reward for Here Comes The Flood. FWIW. Karl
  10. If you're in the same Party Profile - you will get nothing form the loot (though Harsk will be offered a special hard-coded card, which may or may not be an upgrade at this point); If you're in a different Party Profile (which you formed with your experienced Kyra), you *should* theoretically get all the Loot again , I believe (potentially getting two Loot Weapons in the same party). Note, that if you're using the same Profile - you won't get any Loot even if you have exchanged all characters in the party and they haven't completed this scenario before! It is actually a very annoying behaviour, and it's the only reason I was forced to run out of Party Profiles, where I used to run different hero-makeup parties through the same Profile. OK, thanks for the info. It sounds like the best approach is to only go into that scenario initially with a 6-character party. When you say Party Profile, I assume you mean the choices that appear when you tap on Stories in the main menu? I've only been playing with one set of characters to avoid confusion, so I never to into Stories. thanks again
  11. I'm about to start Angel in the Tower, and I see that there are loot items that include armor, a weapon, and two items. Are loot items like the gold rewards for finishing a scenario at a particular difficulty level -- that is, you only get them once no matter how you rearrange your party? Or are they like "random card" awards, where each character can get the reward once? Let's say my first-ever run through the scenario is Sajan. He cannot keep the armor or weapon, but let's say he keeps one item. If Kyra and Valeros go through next, are they offered (a) nothing, (b) all four again, or © the three cards Sajan did not keep? And what happens if Kyra is able to take the weapon, and my third run is Kyra and Harsk? I assume Kyra can't take anything, but is Harsk offered (a) nothing, (b) all four again, or © the two cards Kyra and Sajan did not keep? I have read that duplicate loot cards vanish when the party formation screen comes up; so, if Harsk was able to take an item that Sajan had previously taken, whose would vanish, Sajan's or Harsk's? So many questions. thanks
  12. I tried sideloading it on my Kindle Fire, but no luck. Very disappointing -- I'm getting eyestrain from squinting at my phone. The is not the first game I've been unable to play on it... I am never buying a Kindle again.
  13. This is something that needs to be fixed. If you're trying to complete all the scenarios in an adventure to get the feat, you need to be able to tell which ones you have left to do. It's ridiculous to have to look at your phone through a magnifying glass to see something important.
  14. After running through a lot of scenarios, I have a few observations. It seems that my idea of advancing a character through quests and then heading into the story super-buffed won't work. I do not see a way to move characters from one mode to the other. I bought Seelah and ran her through one quest scenario to get different cards, then went to story mode and was unable to add that version of her to a party. Likewise, my experienced story mode Kyra and Merisiel aren't available for quest parties. Maybe this is obvious to people who've been playing for a while, but I never saw it explained anywhere. I don't see the point of having multiple parties. I do not want to keep track of, or have to spend time advancing, multiple versions of the same character. I'm already having the experience of playing a character in quest mode and realizing that they don't have that cool weapon I was expecting from story mode; I don't need that within story mode. It seems like creating a new party inevitably results in spinoffs like "Kyra 1" and after painstakingly shuffling the party and deleting those duplicates, I decided to just have one party and move characters in and out as needed.
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