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  1. Hi there, So Ive got a number of characters going and it seems like I dont get rewarded for completing quests the way I should. Sometimes one character will get a reward but not the other, though they appeared to be at the same completion. Dies it have something to do with the little gold button symbol next to certain scenarios? Some of them have a check box, and others show a gold button. Clear this up for me anyone?
  2. I figured it out. Show all had some extra armors to choose from.
  3. Hey guys, In the the card game, when you get to rebuild your deck at the end of an adventure, any banished cards that leave you short on a card type (e.g. I only have 1 armor, but my build requires 2) can be replaced with basic cards from the box. I'm at the screen and it's not letting me continue, nor is there an apparent option for selecting from the box or vault? Help!! I'm stuck!
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