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Completed missions question

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Hi there,

So Ive got a number of characters going and it seems like I dont get rewarded for completing quests the way I should.


Sometimes one character will get a reward but not the other, though they appeared to be at the same completion.


Dies it have something to do with the little gold button symbol next to certain scenarios? Some of them have a check box, and others show a gold button.


Clear this up for me anyone?

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I believe the Gold Button just shows you the last scenario an individual attempted.  If you look REAL closely, you can see if there's a checkbox rather beneath the gold button.

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This is something that needs to be fixed.  If you're trying to complete all the scenarios in an adventure to get the feat, you need to be able to tell which ones you have left to do.  It's ridiculous to have to look at your phone through a magnifying glass to see something important.

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