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Wrong power feats after gaining Role



In my Story mode party, Merisiel is an Acrobat and Kyra is an Exorcist, but after taking those Roles I found that Merisiel has the feat Magic Expert (from Thief) and Kyra has the feat Miracle Collector (from Healer).  Those feats are not marked as owned if I look at the feat trees, but they are present within the game -- they are offered (in the case of Magic Expert) or automatically given (in the case of Miracle Collector) when an appropriate roll is being made.


There are two possible things that may have caused this:


1) I finished Adventure 3 out of order, on Here Comes the Flood;


2) I chose roles and clicked next without specifically selecting the powers I intended, thinking there would be another screen for that.


Seelah was also in the group and took Crusader; she ended up with Enemy Lore Undead, which happens to correspond with her Role, but again, I did not select it.


I haven't gotten another power feat since then, and so I don't know what will be available to me...


I am on a Samsung S4 running Android 5.0.1



Is it safe to assume that, even if this is a bug that gets addressed, there is no way to have the characters reset back so that I can pick the feats that I wanted?  I don't want to go forward with Magic Expert.



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