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  1. Yes that is unbelievable. AD4 from May to October(?)... for 4 new locations and some new boons and bane (just explored gallery/adventures).. and AD6 when? In meantime new dices (and relative bugs), new UI (and relative bugs), new feature Daily challenges (and relative bugs)... They are working for sure... but not as expected. Content is the last thing, also debugging. There are more bugs report for month than fixes released. I'm still reading some of you posting 10 issue reports per day... Technical Support section has 3 times the threads of other 3 sections together!! When is planned the debugging? 2020? And why QA does miss so many bugs before release new codes? I don't know guys, I really like the table top game I discovered with this app but, after so many months, I m looking around for a better quality and reliable companies.. I'm spending more time on the forum than on the game... arrived to saturation
  2. True. Strategy that normally applications follow is: - download from server at login if cloud is more recent or upload in the other case - play and upload to cloud any updated data - if you can't upload data, last data changes could be lost And repeat again every time from every device. In my situation I think that data is simply corrupted, just because I m using pc normally and chars set is complete there. So has to be the cloud too after every login I do with pc. Then I m not experiencing anymore duplicated characters in Story mode, so I think devs changed code around cloud. If then I connect with tablet, data have to be sync from cloud. No possibility to have more recent data locally at login in the tablet. And my chars are complete locally in the emulator at every login. Then if they are working about compatibility and portability right now (steam, cellulars, emulators.. ) the game has necessarily to work as any other game that stores data in a server. There player is clearly warned when disconnected for data loss. Think about Diablo 3 characters. No matter the pc/mac/xbox/playstation you are using, you always find your characters or you are disconnected.
  3. I got the same overlapping messages after the last patch. If I remember well is a message about the data synchronization, probably devs changed something there adding Quest to cloud.
  4. But if cloud can lose characters for Story is a BIG problem also with the same device (in case of reset or app re-installation for example). And my ZenPad8 is a supported device. Cluod should do automatically what I did manually...
  5. As Hannibal said. If you have doubt about a character you have the option 'deck' in the party management (same menu where you see 'nick' option), and you can check quickly what cards that char is carrying on.
  6. I have won with 10 ally several times and one with 9 sometimes also at Legendary difficulty (the only difficulty I play now). After that, Black Magga eats d4 (d6 at Legendary) cards for turn. So if you get an unlucky setup (allies at the bottom) and villain gets a good sequence of rolls (40 cards eaten before turn 15) you have good chance to lose. But there are very useful strategies: - fast exploration (when you optimize your decks and play style, you can full explore a location in 2/3 turn with each alone character, so you 'eat' more cards then the villain) - there are locations with 2 and 3 allies declared in the location decks. Start there at the beginning with all you characters. Ignore location with 0 and 1 allies in the deck at the first setup. In this way, also if your team is slower than the villain consuming cards, you can focus exploration on richer locations. - my gold rule for that scenario: ignore always closing location and ignore always location where there aren't any allies (you can get this information in different ways). No matter in this scenario if you get 0 blessing (only the number of allies counts) I lost that scenario once, when I was newbie. It never happens now and I play always 6-party at legendary difficulty (villain can eat 6 cards at once). Anyway we all can get a very unlucky setup in the locations and incredibly lucky rolls for the villain, so there is always that possibility. But start to apply well those strategies and you ll kick its a**. gl mate
  7. It's a frightening story, you are warned. After some days where I logged only with pc, I decided to verify again that Quest data were stored in the cloud before post in a thread of an other player with a problem about Quest mode. To do so, before to launch the game with my ZenPad8, I deleted the local save data (sent in the trash). After that, in the game, I checked Quest chars. Perfect Then, automatically, I checked the data in Story parties. Perf....what?? 13/24 characters!? 11 main chars ... + 4 mules (for loot cards and some spells mostly) .... 11+4 is not ... 13... Time slowed, my blood was frozen... a lightning outside the window and then a thunder in my bones (actually there is a storm in my city).. I called my crew one by one... by their names... 2 missing 'voices' .... SeelahS1 wasn't in the top chars list (but still she has grasped to the current party... she is tough.. I have always known)... But AmiriS1 .... AmiriiiiSOoone.... we called all together (me and the other 13 + SeelahS1 in the party) in all the scenarios ... infinite seconds while chars bar refused to slide (for real)... No answer... The storm has taken someone... I can't accept that... I have to recover my strongest fighter! Fast refresh of Management Party... nothing! Kill the process and delete the local data before login again... perhaps an error in sync, re-login and... nothing! Fast! Kill the process again and restore old data... damn... nothing! One last chance before to surrender to the storm... Kill the process and delete the local data once more...connect the tablet to the desktop... and copy the local data from the emulator sdcard... fast! Launch the game and create a new party! There!! I got you back AmiriS1!!! Storm hit hard, but not enough... this time! I sent a zip file to all my friends and some persons I have never known and that don't know me all around the world! I'm ready for next storm now! Short version (for scared people): if I download game data from the cloud on my ZenPad8 I can't see 2 characters in Story mode.
  8. That could be, but game is still quite buggy, so game rating will suffer a lot for this choice. But if you are correct, we ll get 1 new AD every month from October.. It sounds like "just a tiny distraction but we are back 'n' ready to fight!"
  9. With the last patch my Quest data are stored in the cloud too. So if you have updated the game, you should recover them just connecting. If they are corrupted you can try to delete the game data (better to move them in an other position as backup) and see if logging again restores your Quest data. Have you ever did a copy of your local data in the last month mate? Attached to any report in the forum maybe?
  10. @ stevozip No mate. QA is an internal process with a senior software engineer inside a production process that exists to avoid bugs come out normally in the product and auto-evolves to avoid bugs come out at all. Here bugs are normality. QA apparently doesn't exist.. and yea, I develop sw too..
  11. I did calculus about gold collecting time in an other section of the forum. To unlock everything in the game for a f2p players requires a month with 3 legendary scenarios with 6-party and challenge bonus every single day with at least 1h30m of playtime and 0 chests bought in meantime. I don't think exist any normal guy that can do that. Also you need to collect so many strong cards before to play that way. It will take 3-4 months minimum to get to the instant full content of a p2p. Every f2p guy who play the game wants to buy the bundle. Every single one. Few ones love long runs. That is matter of: - price (a kid not always can afford it) - quality (who tries the game for some weeks and leaves for the actual 100 different known issues or because game just f**** your 30+lvl quest party) - content (who leaves because it is taking one year to complete the content you have already paid) The f2p concept works over the biggest possible customer pool. It's the most diffusing commercial strategy at the moment and it's very functional by itself with software/app of biggest developer studios. So we concern about the game but solution isn't hard to understand: 1) complete 2) debug 3) extend 4) debug 5) jump to 3)
  12. Mates I learned one thing in this game, I need to pay really attention to what is written in the card description before to talk. "Display this card next to a character. While displayed, add 3 to that character's Charisma checks. [At the end of the turn ... recharge] " So, you can display it when you want in the character turn it includes both Charisma combat and non-combat checks (like others cards it doesn't specify any and always works on base stat..) It's a displayed spell, so you can't or can play an other spell by the same char differently in or out a fight. Only spells with Attack trait let char use the Arcane/Divine skill (charisma + arcane, charisma + divine, wisdom + divine) and they say it clearly. When you already entered a fight you can't use cards that don't affect the specified rolls (it's a rule you can find in the game) In general the base combat dice is Strength for every char (then you have attributes bonus and cards/powers to use those attributes/bonus) In a fight you can't display Eloquence first because Charisma is not a common base check to defeat a bane (I m pretty sure your check wasn't) To use Charisma in a fight you need to play an Arcane Attack spell before (in general), to use a charisma check. If you play an Arcane Attack spell in a fight, you already played a spell and you can't display (play) anymore Eloquence. In the end, to use Eloquence in a fight you have to play it (display) before to explore and to encounter the bane (it lasts until end of turn), so you can still use the Arcane Attack spell and use the increased Charisma stat. In other words, you can't use Eloquence in that case, because you can't use 2 spells in the same normal combat check with the same caster if you want to switch to a Charisma check.
  13. I think this thread will help you mate, take a look: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89009-help-new-progression-break/
  14. Those are not new - I've had those for a while. But good call! Also. Did someone screencap going into your character sheet from the location screen? Brings part of card overlay with you - I can confirm that it's cards that have been revealed that seems to not revert to their original depth placement (you can open a card, then tap character and see it minimize). Seems to be those that cause issues in your hand as well. Might be a lead to track this down. They were fixed with a patch a month ago. Like Wand of Enervation fix in the last patch... that make wand still remove dices.
  15. 24 available slots for instances of your characters. 24 for Story and 24 for Quest. In your party you can have new and experienced characters. But not twice the same char or chars from other party (more or less). Every char has his completed scenarios sheet and get reward/feat only once for scenario or adventure.
  16. If in May they said "AD6 in August" and in September we still miss AD4... why the problem is the f2p concept? ... their programmers worked all the time... or they did a long holiday for 5 months? You know that companies get financial resources before to start the activity and can get more later, right? If game had been complete in these months, probably now they would have doubled bundle sales, a really better visibility in stores with increasing bundle sales per month. They decided to increase compatibility first. In these last months, priority wasn't completing content or stability. They did their choice. Other players did theirs. Someone uninstalled with a bad review. Someone played the game for a while then leaved. And you paid for a beta. You could. You wanted. You did. I don't buy half Windows OS or half OSX or half Office or half Battlefield or half Resident Evil or half whatever you want. I'm not a bank, a owner, a shareholder or a producer that invest their money in the activity. I'm the final client that buy the product. A complete, working, secure, stable product. The only thing that could make me buy the bundle is the first I have seen launching the game and the last that will be implemented: multiplayer. I want to play with other players. First time in my life I see a deactivated function in the front page of a product. You think they would have worked better selling double or triple bundles... they just had to complete and fix the code in these past 5 months. Nothing more to make the game a best seller in the stores right today. The only thing I hope for all the players that still play the game after all these months, is a wonderful surprise of devs.. a patch with all the missing content. Nothing more, nothing less.
  17. The Favor condition is an addition to the base properties of every blessing. Otherwise Favor of the gods and Blessing of the Gods will be identical I suppose.
  18. You r a cheater for sure! But could you lend me your skeleton horde barrier for a while?
  19. Well explained. Great work of searching also. I was wrong for sure, sorry guys. That example is so instructive that it would be great to pin it somewhere for all new players to understand game mechanics.
  20. The last case you considered is correct mate. Favor let owner char to play a second blessing in all cases.
  21. Sorry, I don't remember the exact spell text. So if it has to be applied to the turn... then it is correct the modifier in the second fight and that single dice with Pharasma is definitively a bug mate. And the thread is not solved yet.
  22. You can freely re-assemble any party or dismiss. Remember that the completed scenarios of party are the 'sum' of completed ones of single character instances you added. So if you add a new clean char to an experienced one, nothing changes. But if you remove an experienced char, your party could change the available scenarios it can access.
  23. Yes, Kiirnodel solved the question if the second spell wasn't casted. Anyway there is a minor bug for devs to correct the modifier listed in successive rolls of the same encounter for what I can see. So you are always an exceptional bug-finder
  24. If you look carefully the second fight image with one green dice, you read in the fight modifier box (where the scenario powers are listed) [spell symbol] Toxic Cloud. As I said, in all cases there is a bug. If you used the spell there and if you did not.
  25. You can swap with no problems. Party itself just has to save time to rejoin the same characters in the same group to continue to play. The only limitations are: same character type in the same party (Seoni1 + Seoni2), reusing the same instance among more party (Seoni1 in Party1, and Seoni1 in Party2) ... but it's bugged so you can do that at the moment).
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