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  1. I understand the logic of going after the phone market. But wouldn't it be better to present the phone market with a fully fleshed adventure that can be purchased right off the bat? As of now, they are still presenting the market with an incomplete implementation of a card game that has been out for years. Plus, it can't be that hard to make AD4+ can it? The system is already in place. Maybe they are overhauling the system to make it robust to future expansion, and that's what's taking so long...
  2. But the bugs weren't that bad. Certainly didn't prevent me from accessing any content. I finished AD3 with 3 parties before putting the game on hold. Yes, there was the occasional bug which set back progress, but I could deal with it. The point about wanting the game out on phones makes sense. But I think that was a bad business decisions. If iPad users are not picking up this game, why would they think phone users would? It would be an even more casual audience on an even more limited device. The whole situation makes me sad. This was a genuinely excellent implementation of PACG. I enjoyed it way more than the physical game because it takes care of the logistics. I would have loved to see SS and WotR in the future, but that seems increasingly unlikely when they can't even get AD4-6 out
  3. We all expect bugs, but we don't expect to not get what we paid for. I'm feeling pretty disappointed and a little foolish for dropping $25 for the full season pass when the game first came out. Honestly, I don't even think the bugs were that bad. I luckily never ran into any game-breaking bugs, only some crashes and rules quirks, but overall was incredibly happy with the game as it was. But each month AD4 gets delayed in favor of interface changes and other meaningless things, my frustration with this game grows
  4. 1. Add a button to sort your cards alphabetically. This will make it easier to see how many copies of each card you have. 2. Have a separate bar for scrolling through your cards. Right now, you have to swipe your finger over the cards to scroll through them, but this sometimes registers as touching and dragging for moving the card instead. Anyone else finding the deck management interface cumbersome?
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