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  1. I can confirm this bug on iOS even on the new If you have an encounter with several checks they dice are added on extra time on th next check as well. Frost orb and ice orb were the ones I tested. Gold and rewards are also acting up. Gold keeps disappearing after it has been added and one of my completed dailies was not added to the weekly challenge. Also not possible to banish or Burt blackcloth armory when receiving damage.
  2. Can you explain what you mean by "dismiss"? I can't figure out what that would mean apart from deleting the party on the Story Mode screen - would that delete progress (either adventures completed and/or difficulty tiers completed) when I start the new party? No mate, doesn't work in that way. Progress is the 'sum' of your characters completed scenarios in Story mode. And you never lose characters dismissing the party. Think the party as a temporary group of characters. To remove the party tab on Story in the main screen. And you will see the list of your current active parties. There is a X button on the top of each to remove that party. You don't lose the characters, only their group. Then you can create a new party from the same screen and then select exactly your previous characters. In general you can add or remove characters from a party without problems. Then if you remove an experienced character, the party could not to access some scenarios if he was the only character that could access them. Because every char have is own completed scenario sheet (check it to know if new chars you added miss something). So if your progress is stuck in Story, you can remove the party (with the memory of the last scenario in progress) and simply rebuilt an other one with the same characters to start that scenario again from the beginning from the difficulty selection screen. PS wonderful avatar Thanks for explaining this. I was afraid I would lose progress. I started a new story and I was very happy to learn that I did not have to redo all the quests with my characters. However, I noticed that if you swap all characters to new characters in a story, you still have access to all scenarios in any order. This suggests that you might be able to complete the hook mountain scenario to get a role early and go back and put power feats on the role card instead of just the basic powers. Haven't tried it yet though.
  3. Pathfinder 1.1.3 Device Ipad mini 4 iOS 9.3.5 PFID 79536E964632120D Story mode Permadeath I played a scenario with only Seoni in the party and she died. This was on the version before 1.1.3. After she died I managed to get a new Seoni without any abilities and somehow I got into the manage deck screen and could scavenge the older characters cards. I then played a scenario with the new character. The other day I played another scenario with Seoni on 1.1.3. After the scenario I went into the manage party screen and saw that she is faded and has a skull and a lock on her round character marker (the lock covers the skull). I can not remove her from the part by dragging and I can not click on her and delete her. I can not drag in a new Seoni, cause she is locked. I can however keep playing with the new Seoni. Not sure what will happened if I remove the "save game" she is in, have not tried. She shows up as a living character in the "save game" menu.
  4. Did you used Seoni's power to discard a card on that combat check? If you did then it's not a bug since you can play only one card of same type during the check and Seoni's power specifically state that "This counts as playing a spell." If you didn't use the power then it's still not a bug because your combat check is not a Charisma check (it's Strength or Melee) so you can't play Eloquence... Thank you for explaining this. I forgot that you can only play one card of each type and that her power counts as playing a spell, so another character have to cast this spell on her. Or if she knows she will encounter a monster (because you have looked at the card by using augury, scout ahead or similiar) she can actually play the card before the encounter. I agree this is working as intended and is not a bug.
  5. Pathfinder 1.1.3 Device Ipad mini 4 iOS 9.3.5 PFID 79536E964632120D Story mode Permadeath When I have the Eloquence (+3 charisma spell) om my hand and I enter any combat I can not cast the spell to add to my charisma for that combat check. Might and Agility works though.
  6. Pathfinder 1.1.3 Device Ipad mini 4 iOS 9.3.5 PFID 79536E964632120D Story mode Permadeath I moved Harsk to a new location and then pushed the >> forward button, but I was never asked to scout ahead. If I did explore at the beginning of my turn and then pushed forward I was asked if I wanted to scout ahead.
  7. You mentioned two specializations, knights and peasant, will there be any more? Am I the only one missing the specializations with more options e.g. swords, axes, staves, bows etc? Isn't it also kind of weird to specialize in knight or peasant weapons? Isn't the skill for using a spear very different from the skill of a hunting bow or blunderbluss. And how come a character can be master of using a battle axe but not a hatchet?
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