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  1. The allies are added to the deck of bulk available cards, sadly that deck is only available when you are short allies and have to draw from that source to fill out a character. Your discarded extras at the end of a mission end up there as well. Its a stupid system since you can only alter decks by trading between active team member's. Sadly, not a bug.
  2. So I received the daily quest reset alert and logged in to claim my daily gold. It stated I needed to re-up my purchase so I did. It felt a little too soon and I checked my order history afterwards, I purchased on 8/31 and today is 9/20. I would like my second purchase refunded please, also the daily challenge button is missing. Android 6s, pfid:B91FC09EBB106C0E
  3. I made the mistake of taking magic expert on merisiel and assumed checks to recharge items like Magic Orb would be possible. It's not, magic orb was banished..... I really dont want to remake merisiel but I have no choice since the 4th adventure isnt released yet
  4. I reinstalled the game considering the recent patch issues.this time Magga attacked the same location the whole match, even after it had no cards. I beat it with 10 points. Either I got very lucky or the whole thing is a mess
  5. I've attempted several times, it seems the mission keeps score for you to check.The boss Black Magga is scoring a point for EVERY card he discards not just allies, the score tracker often reads 12 points heros, 40+ black magga, also I'm not sure the boss is supposed to swipe 3-5 cards per turn. Either the fight is incredibly unbalanced or its as I expect and bugged. Android galaxy 6s, normal difficulty, 4 hero group.
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