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  1. Thanks for the response Ethics gradient. I checked out your suggestion. The weird thing is, the Game Center didn't show me as being logged out....everything I saw suggested I was still logged in. However, I figured I would manually log out and back in, and after doing so, it seems the game recognizes my login. There is still an issue, however. My in-game store does not always load when I open the app. Typically, if I just wait, it will EVENTUALLY load... but we are talking quite a while. This isn't a major problem most of the time, except for 1 annoyance. My characters have unique c
  2. I seem to be in a similar situation. For about the past week, when I open the app, it doesn't auto log into ANY account. I go into my settings where. I would normally find the PFID, and it is blank. I've had a handful of times in that same time period when it DOES auto log into my account, but not logging in seems way more common. For reference, I only play on the iPad (don't have my account linked with any other types such as PC), and I don't remember ever manually linking to an Asmodee account...so if my account doesn't automatically log in (like it always did for the past year), I'm
  3. I've been in that situation for a month now...it's very frustrating. I even emailed 2-3 weeks back, and never received a response. I not only feel like I've wasted my money on an app that is unplayable...but feel like I'm being ignored now too when I need tech help.
  4. A more accurate anology for this would be like your existing computer, which runs Windows 10 just fine, can no longer run Windows 10 because Microsoft released an update that broke the program on your existing computer, despite it having run just fine previously.
  5. I will send the ID. I can't possibly imagine memory is an issue. I had a very minimal amount of active characters. If the characters associated with Quest Mode are now gone, then absolutely only a minimal amount. I had my primary party of 4, and might have had 1 or 2 other characters I played with at some point in time, but I was nowhere near having a "lot" of characters. The thing that is frustrating about suggesting that it is a memory issue on my device is that the game was completely playable, with rarely any crashing before your recent updates. Now, suddenly after said updates...my ga
  6. Well, the update from a week ago made it so I could not do anything with party creation, and since I had no active parties, the game has been unplayable. There was an update the very next day that didn't fix the issue. That was frustrating, but I tried to be patient. I downloaded the update tonight, and now ALL my progress have been lost. ALL the cards I've acquired into my collection are gone. My characters don't exist. And I logged in the way I always have to make sure it wasn't just that, and still everything is gone. I don't particularly mind so much losing my active character
  7. I can understand how it now works, but I have to agree with mccrispy - the new design seems inferior to the old. It does seem less intuitive. Having the stash and unclaimed seems unnecessarily clunky. In regards to the new unclaimed tab, and how all the treasure chests just automatically GIVE you the loot...I REALLY dislike this system. I want content to be added to my collection (aka your "box of cards" in relation to the physical game), that way I have to earn it via actual gameplay (like the vast majority of the cards). Adding in a system to simply buy chests that you can immediatel
  8. I'm in a similar boat. I came back from a multi-month break. Last I played I had deleted my existing party and was doing some solo character play. However, I wanted to go back to a multi-character party now, yet was unable to edit the existing 1-character party to have 4 characters. I figured I'd just delete that existing "party" and attempt making a new one. However, I quickly found that party creation is currently broken, and I can't make a new party. I now have no existing party, nor can I make one... Oh well, I'll go play in Quest Mode, since I do remember having a full active pa
  9. I saw yet ANOTHER ios update this morning, and after installing it, I STILL can't play the game. When will you guys fix party creation?!?! I haven't played in several months, and only decided to come back a few days ago...but since doing so I haven't been able to play due to this issue. Please fix your game...it is very annoying being unable to play a game I paid for.
  10. I saw an IOS version update this morning, and thought "Awesome...I'll be able to play now" (because I had no active parties, and I was not able to create a party...hence, unable to play). However, the version update appears as though this issue has still not been solved, and party creation is still not working. (on an iPad 4, with fully updated IOS)
  11. I'm having the same issues with party creation, on an iPad 4. I got to the party creation menu, but there are no circles at the bottom, and as soon as I click a character's portrait at the top, most stuff on the page freezes. I can still click the back button. I don't have any active parties at the moment, and as such, the game is completely unplayable for me.
  12. Here's a sample of the wonky layering. Not really sure why the Amulet of the Mighty Fists is lingering in this screen.
  13. I just bought this as well, and was surprised after the fact that it was only 30 days. Had I known that I would likely not have purchased this. It does not have to do with the potential value from collecting every day for 30 days - anyone can see the potential there. My concern is that I play this game VERY casually. I'll play for a few days, then put it away for extended periods of time. I thought it would be nice to get an extra 200 gold for a few days now.....possibly put the game down for a few weeks (or even months) and be able to come back at any time and still rely on the 200 gold.
  14. I suppose I was wondering if any sort of wiki had started getting developed so that people could browse the cards. I'm not interested in any particular card....I'm interested in simply browsing ALL of them, just to see what they have created unique to this game. I don't expect I'll ever be at a point where I've unlocked everything, and I don't want to miss out on seeing what the cards actually are, despite whether I ever get to use them or not.
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