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  1. Even if Hero B uses it on himself, the turn will switch. Encountered this multiple time
  2. Both abilities aren't requiring me to discard a spell card when I use it. Has anyone encountered this..had to discard mine for something better.
  3. No 3 also triggers on character at closed locations. Tooltip for the scenario power on heroic says Longtooth can only appear on open locations, right?
  4. Mine is ipad3..yeah i free at least a gig of storage mem when I'm playing.
  5. Seconded and encountered in under Jorgenfist Encountered the Horde and triggered closing after banishing all Ancient Skels Could not confirm on Guardhouse/Bandit as I'm always evading them.
  6. Playing 4-4 6 player Storymode Permadeath Ezren encounters the Skeleton Horde skirmish card at the Thassilonian Dungeon All party at different location banishes their Ancient Skeletons AI gave me the options if I want to close the location and so I did. One of the Centaur villain was in the location deck and got left. It triggered before previous patches from me but not consistently, thats why I need a clarification.
  7. Can't wait to encounter this henchmen/women in questmode legendary. Should be fun. ^^
  8. Experience this also..although initially thought it was because of the Haste spell then recalled everything. Ezren's turn at Guardhouse. Ezren dispatches Bandit but is now low on card in hand. Ezren uses ability to draw a Haste spell from previous spell casting (to kill Bandit) Ezren uses Haste on Seelah to harpoon her to the Guardhouse Switch to Seelah and uses Augury to setup location deck to encounter the villain. Seelah cast Major Cure coz just in case Normal explore and drew Galenmir Galenmir ranged attack both heroes Tried to Fiery Bolt Galenmir but AI wouldnt let me. Look a
  9. Storymode Normal 6 party Permadeath Ezren drew Galenmir( before you roll combat , take 1d4 -1 range damage ) in Courtyard ( success against dex/acro or take 1d4 damage if you encounter a bane?) Needless to say Ezren wasnt the most agile of heroes and failed. AI combined the 1d4 effects and rolled 2/4-1 and Ezren loses all his card and was sad that Galenmir (23 to beat) ran laughing at how he punched like a girl.
  10. Storymode 6 party Permadeath Valeros encounter Teraktinus on a location that decreases +'s by the number of dice you roll. Valeros uses Vicious Trident and discards a card. Harsk snipes Succeds in Roll and waiting for the second roll as per Teraktinus card states. 2nd combat roll doesnt happen and i won the scenario. Yey?
  11. Going solo on quest mode isn't such a good idea early. Less boons to encounter, less exp because of less banes, if you RNG some damage-first boss you're screwed, or RNG a location you're hero sucks at closing Solo only on experienced character with efficient deck later on.
  12. Have you found and toggled New/Experienced characters in the Manage Party UI. It maybe you are defaulted and looking at the Experienced Characters you have ( only Meri )..try clicking on New to show unleveled Characters.
  13. If you're mid-scenario, you can clear it first or forfeit. After deck reconstruction (banishing excess cards) you will be on the quest mode map ( one with 3 skull icon for difficulties ), lower right side of the screen (ipad) there is a manage party icon. There you can add characters to your experienced one (example Meri), or you can make new party using new Meri along side your new characters so they can level at the same time. (There is a New/Experience button upper right side..your bundle will probably be in the New characters tab) Hope this helps.
  14. Try clicking on the garbage bin icon when ending your turn. (Skip the >> button because if your Character have no "end of turn" ability or no armor that can be recharge, that will immediately end your turn) I believe after you click that button, you can now drag any card from your hand to the discard file and your hand will be reset afterwards. Hope this helps.
  15. I think they're working on it. Making tedious, repetitive actions be done in multiples.
  16. But every location has a set number of card types in them. I think the scenario decides which location/s will have a treasure card/s (as opposed to basic/ad specific cards) first then decides which card type (weapon, armor, etc) it will be, then chooses from your vault (of the card type chosen) it will be. With those variables, it kinda minimize the probability of flooding the scenario with treasure cards you have tons of.
  17. Yes, the app is superior when your friends don't want to help cleaning up after sessions ^^ My route is backwards also, got the app for free, love it (even if not complete), bought the physical game to return the love.
  18. Some characters (I'm looking at you Sajan!) just don't want to party..he's all meditation and spiritualism, no time to party.
  19. If we revert back to the earlier iteration of the game both AD and Character purchases rebates themselves making realmoney purchases less alluring
  20. You know you get gold on banishing banes, right? Around 1-3 gold per? Also in closing locations. 11gp each time,I think. Also excess card at the end of scenario converts to gold? And once you add a third hero to your party, all those above increase also which means more gold. With your example of 100+ hours of gameplay to unlock everything (which excludes all the gold generation i've listed) thats roughly 3 months if you play an hour a day..the same wait, everyone is waiting for AD4 from the original plan up to now. Thats why most consider the game very generous with gold, because 3
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