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  1. By Enfeeble, do you mean Web? Because while I've seen a Web spell (evade enemy, put it at the top or bottom of the deck), I've never seen an Enfeeble. Nor a Scry for that matter...
  2. I definitely feel that way, but then again, I paid my 2 bucks for daily gold and that's it after seeing how long the game has been around. Other people who paid for the whole package back in May probably feel differently than I do, since they've sunk more into it. But yes, it's a very well done implementation of the game and I definitely feel like I got more than my $2 worth.
  3. Even if they do release the other scenarios, they'll probably make a game called Pathfinder Adventures: Wrath of the Righteous, a separate download with separate characters, unlocks, etc. I think this is as it should be...
  4. As the title implies, when you have anyone at the tower and, as part of the location starting condition, a Bandit is spawned and this bandit is evaded (whether by stealth or by using invisibility or a potion), the evasion does not count toward the daily quest. Evading any other sort of bane does seem to fulfil the quest condition, including banes spawned by ambushes, goblin raids and zombie hordes.
  5. I wouldn't mind a few one off daily quests that require a bit of setup, like "Deal 50 damage to a villain" or "Defeat 10 bandits (or ancient skeletons) in a single mission". Some of the current dailies can't be done by newbies like "Clear Approach to Thistletop using only Ezren" (I as a newb had just bought Ezren and was thrilled to try and get newbie Ezren through Approach to Thistletop on his lonesome... didn't work).
  6. In my experience, you only get the scenario rewards once regardless of difficulty. So if Sajan had done the scenario on normal and gotten the card reward, but the others had not, then he wouldn't be eligible on heroic. Source: ran through B and Ch. 1 on Normal, then Heroic then Legendary and only got one set of rewards.. after I ran Lini through Legendary with the original party, only she got rewards.
  7. I'm wondering about that too. I got XP, but XP for whom? Also, today's daily quest is hooped.
  8. Heh, well, I saved enough gold for the character pack (6k wasn't too much more than 4k). Definitely enjoying the new characters and crashing through the general store with Lininis great fun.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. I took some to heart and, yeah, being very aggressive with using blessings to explore made my life a lot easier along with a bunch of extra force bolts. So what should I prioritize for purchases? Should I save 6000 and get the character bundle or spend 4000 on the second adventure or should I buy one of the 1500 gold characters? Or should I be doing something else entirely with gold? Thanks for your help!
  10. So I got this game and I really like it, but I'm trying to figure out strategies to be successful in quest mode. I have the characters Kyra, Merisiel and Ezren and I can't for the life of me finish even a single quest... what the strategy I should be using? Usually I run out of time trying to corner the boss and it's not even close! Then my characters get to level 3 and get no rewards, maxing that even if I go back and try again, it's the same crap because there's no progression... apparently, to progress, I need to beat the quest on the first playthrough, or I won't get the skill advancemen
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