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  1. Hmmm. And here I thought the asymmetrical dice were going to be things like a d5 made out of a triangular prism, or something. Very much looking forward to all this.
  2. I'm playing on my iPod, version 9.3.5. It can consistently load, and I can log into GameCenter, and it displays my ID. I've been trying to finish a game literally for days because I can usually only play on my lunch break at work, and a lot of the time I can't even do one move before the black screen of sadness appears. If I need to roll for the number of items from a chest, it crashes. If it needs to display a different card because it needs to know if I'd like to recharge something, it crashes. If it's Ezren's turn, it crashes. Especially if it's Ezren's turn. I feel like the crashes are hap
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