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  1. I just found that while browsing the vault. I sure hope it qualifies because it's a kickass artifact!
  2. I selected this after completing 4-1 in hopes I could easily recharge all the offensive flasks and orbs. Unfortunately, the card description wins - banish if you dont have arcane. So, what items, armor, or weapons would this power apply to? "You may use Charisma in place of any skill on any check to recharge an armor, item, or weapon that has the magic trait" The wording "any skill on any check" really sounds convincing, but don't be fooled! Card descriptions always win, I guess So, what's an item, armor, or weapon where I could possibly use this power?
  3. I've been hoarding chests in anticipation of later adventure decks coming out and new cards being introduced. Are you planning to introduce a significant number of new cards as future ADs come out, or has the bulk of additional cards been released?
  4. Same here. I cleared the cache, restarted the game, but it's still in an unplayable state. I did not lose my gold and chests either. All my character progress is still there, thank goodness!
  5. I couldn't find a valid reason this should happen so please correct me if it's not a "bug". When Seoni casts an attack spell and supplements it with a Blessing of the Gods she gets two additional dice instead of just one. I couldn't find a scenario, location, or card effect that would cause that to happen. Also, I may have seen it with another character but I mostly remember it with Seoni.
  6. Wow. Look at all the armchair game developers! Go play outside while you wait for the next AD to be released.
  7. Find the data folder and copy it to your new device. Worked for me on Android.
  8. I'm going to be offline for a 20 hour plane flight and look forward to playing this game nonstop. Will my progress during that time be synced when I return online? Is the only drawback that I don't get any gold?
  9. Well... It seems to have provided a bit of relief for the bug where my characters were mysteriously disappearing. I suddenly have a long since abandoned party in my story mode that has my missing Seelah. No sign of my missing Sajan, though.
  10. I also look forward to hitting that "Mark Solved" button when this is addressed by Obsidian and fixed Has anyone from Obsidian seen this issue or at least can confirm that it's in the bug tracker?
  11. I've been doing this manually and can confirm that it works. However, it may have contributed to a bug I've found where experienced players disappear. Use with caution.
  12. Correct. I only delete the party they were in when I want to reform to include other characters. I've nicknamed the characters so they stand out from any that I'm not working with: $$Ezren for instance. At the moment I've completed every scenario through 2-1 for every character. When I went to make a new group including Sajan, only 10 characters were listed but no Sajan. Then, the same thing happened with Seelah (whom I just powered through 2-1). I'm now left with 9 characters complete through 2-1 and no Seelah or Sajan. I'm not going to touch the game any more until this bug is fixed!
  13. I'm only building the 11 available characters. There aren't other characters in the experienced section.
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