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  1. I reported the dice bug, but haven't been hit with it for a few patches (deleted a lot of multiple characters) - so not sure what actually caused it.
  2. Alternative or levelled up costumes? Since Merisiel's power doesn't seem changed...
  3. Loot and treasure cards are limited by the amount of owned (in vault), so party duplicates gets deleted - which can happen when you mix and match characters.
  4. This was changed a few patches ago (live with AD4), and mentioned in a dev post back in late august. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88843-pathfinder-adventures-dev-blog-changes-to-chests/
  5. And those are few and far between. The Deck as hand exploit is also awesome, probably the second most beneficial bug I know of. Um... link? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89735-bug-use-your-library-for-anything/ A few pages back...
  6. I would have preferred buying the buried treasure instead of several bouts of daily gold. I can understand Obsidian wanting people spending money, but giving non-spenders a better deal feels a bit off.
  7. Or possibly character skins? Since Goblins would require hero powers and suffer same effort to develop as a new character?
  8. Make sure you're not checking just experienced characters (left top) when selecting party members for quest.
  9. Have you tried logging out/in of your account? Not sure what platform you are on, but I hear the account might need reconnected sometimes if missing content. Your other post says Ipad. So check that you are connected to gamecenter as per this post. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89434-please-read-ios-10-upgrade-issues/
  10. Maybe not a coincident that I have purchased daily gold several times and also lack the offer? Would be nice to know if this is a bug or a "targetted ad", so to speak.
  11. I have never even seen this on sale (and I log on almost every day) - was it a very limited time, or random somehow? I see it mentioned as one of the top sales in the iOS store after all...
  12. Devs are aware - a lot of people have reported it Hopefully fixed soon!
  13. Would Necklace of Fireballs work? Since it's not autobanished according to the text.
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