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  1. I know I'm crazy but I have a single character game going with Kyra. I'm on the ogres must be crazy one, thrtleback ferry. Encountering the zombie horde and defeating it puts the trap back on top of the deck. Its happened in back to back tryes. Just on more bug...
  2. I've done 5.4 3x now. First one I lost which is fine cause i need to make better plays sometimes. Second one I had to forfeit because of the bug. Had one villain left and was going to beat the scenario and then couldn't continue onto the next characters turn to do encounter. Third time was also a forfeit because when I used healing spells with Kyra no healing was being done. I try two different spells and her hero power and none worked. Please fix this scenario because I am enjoying the game and want to continue supporting the development but it is hard to continue giving money to something that is broken and is super frustrating.
  3. I found it I just needed to go past the screen where I thought it might be to choose extra characters. Thank you for the responses.
  4. There is no option to make a new group for quest mode only story mode.
  5. I've bought two new characters and would like to add them to quest mode play but I can find no option to add them to the starters. Is this not possible or am I missing something?
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