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  1. There are certainly reasons to ignore History as a front-liner. There are other good cloaks that requires no stats and you could max a different secondary stat instead, such as intimidate. Instead of Gift-bearer, which provides 15 defenses with 20 history, you could simply wear a cloak of greater protection for only 5 less defense. Or you could go greater deflection cloak for +7 deflection, and then invest those skill points into a different skill that scales equipment. Since 90%+ of attacks target deflection, having extremely high deflection provides larger benefits most of the time.
  2. Yep. Both rest spamming and no rest are good. The worst is the intended behavior: resting occasionally. The sad part is that the most logical/realistic option is the least rewarding. No rest could be easily solved by adding fatique that builds up or have it automatically happen while sailing. Rest spamming can be lessened by having bad things happen if you waste too much time. I don’t see why the plot should pause forever; ignoring the dire threat to the world could result in a lot of material harm to the player. Doubt Berath would like you rest spamming.
  3. I wish, for balancing, instead of making duel-wield slower, have it come with accuracy penalty. That would better define each fighting style. Currently duel-wield can be better than single-wield for crits because the faster attack speed allows more hits and chances for crits. Having a faster speed but lower accuracy helps to make it have strong DPS, but poor for critting. I would like: 1-hand: best crits 2-handers: best penetration Duel: best DPS against lower armor/deflection.
  4. A fast weapon will be better than a slower weapon for generating crits because you will get more opportunities to get them. There is an item that further increases the speed of fast one-handers too. My pick would be rapier for maximum crits. The weapon modal increases accuracy in case you need more. That said, there are way more swords/sabers to be found.
  5. I have thought about making a 3 per paladin tank that just uses branded enemy abusing the fact it has no accuracy roll. Multiclass with another class for more spells and then just do nothing but heal/buff. MIGHT/INT/RES can be maxed out while per/dex is dumped. Druid has the most powerful DOTs. They are made even stronger by alchemy buffing poison spells. This makes plague of insects the most powerful DOT spell of all. Big AOE, raw damage, and massive accuracy/damage/duration from 20+ power level boosts. Quite a few enemies are poison immue though, so it won’t always work. Luckily,
  6. PL levels are normally the difference between the “tier” of the spell/ability and your current tier. Some, but not all (yay inconsistency) abilities you get as part of your class mechanics that you didn't explicitly pick are considered ”tier zero”, and begin with a +1 PL bonus. Why do you need built-in power scaling for an ability you have at character level 1? Greater Lay on Hands is not actually an upgrade, despite having the exact same healing effect and a very similar name as Lay on Hands. You can tell because the non-upgraded version still shows in the ability bar. Abilities like
  7. Upgrades are not always strictly better. Sometimes the extra perk just gets suppressed or is not needed and the original effect is worse due to less power levels affecting it. Paladin Lay on Hands is an example of this. If you were already getting the inspiration bonus from another source (or don’t need it), you are better off just not using the upgrade at all since it will heal for less and not last quite as long due to PL. This is not consistent by the way. Sometimes upgrades do benefit from the original power’s tier as far as PL goes. “Branded enemy” paladin upgrade is one such examp
  8. Well, if truly stacking defenses to the max, I like the bloody links armor that is available early. It is cheap and provides +5 to all defenses when bloodied. The bloodied part doesn’t matter if the extra defenses causes you to be unhittable when you reach half health. “Effect when Bloodied” is kind of the new replacement for “effect when critted” that was a prevalent strategy in POE1. Only, instead of minimizing deflection you still want to max it. There are a few items that get better when you lose heath and some increase defenses significantly making them work well with a tank. Th
  9. Just out.of curiosity, do we know what the max deflection build is yet? Can you actually reach 200 deflection or is the functional cap closer to like 120?I have gotten over 230, however you start really giving up other defenses at around 215 and that is really enough deflection anyway. Getting those numbers certainly takes some cheese, like never resting and stacking one-time bonuses that expire on rest. The hardest part is increasing the other defenses which is particularly important if using Wizard’s Double. Reflex and Will are fairly easy to boost up, but fortitude can be hard. This
  10. Because multiclassing was one of the new features everyone was looking forward too, I think the devs over-tuned that option so that players would be encouraged to try it out without feeling they were gimping themselves or missing out. Just making the 8-9 tier powers stronger relative to lower level ones is probably the easiest way to make single class more powerful without significantly altering the game mechanics.
  11. If more visual effects are added to items, I think there should be an option to turn them off for those who don’t like them. Similiar to pets and helmets.
  12. Just out.of curiosity, do we know what the max deflection build is yet? Can you actually reach 200 deflection or is the functional cap closer to like 120?I have gotten over 230, however you start really giving up other defenses at around 215 and that is really enough deflection anyway. Getting those numbers certainly takes some cheese, like never resting and stacking one-time bonuses that expire on rest. The hardest part is increasing the other defenses which is particularly important if using Wizard’s Double. Reflex and Will are fairly easy to boost up, but fortitude can be hard. This
  13. Yep, it is viable. Solo play might cause problems because some enemies are poison immune so you have to fall back to something else like returning storm which is not as strong and they will just kill you too quickly at high difficulty. If soloing, I would prefer a multiclass because you need a better “plan b” option since you must deal with every encounter without additional help. I created a druid/priest build here on the forums called Lord of the Flies specifically designed for soloing at high difficulty. If you have a party, Either single class or multiclass is perfectly viable. Multi
  14. Paladin was nerfed. Passive is now max 15 with deep faith instead of 21 like before. I agree that skill scaling items should be capped instead of just requiring more skill points. It is still possible to stack defenses such that enemies can’t hit you. I have done so even without paladin. (Monk/Wizard). While some items, like the skill scaling were nerfed, others were not nerfed. Notably ones that require “bloodied”. Turns out being bloodied or near death is no problem if enemies can’t hit you at all so those items really only help a min/max and do very little for a balanced build.
  15. I think shifter is a lot of fun. It is probably the strongest class in the game early. You can always shift back to human to cast spells. The claws might fall behind fully optimized character later on, but think of all the gold you can save by not boosting a weapon set to legendary. Though, you will be hard pressed to find a better weapon than the cat form’s claws with cat’s flurry active. Even if you did, just can give it to a companion instead. Martial class powers can be used while shifted making paladin/rogue/fighter/monk/barbarian good multi-class options. Your animal attacks ar
  16. Mine also got suppressed when I checked yesterday. However, when I check again today they stacked again. The smart inspiration came from the same source so it wasn't an abilitiy vs item difference or anything. Apparently the stacking is just buggy. I reloaded multiple times just now and they stacked every time. I tried casting in different orders and such but it made no difference. See screenshot below to see stacking. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. While a ranger doesn’t -need- high perception, to me being able to get exceptionally high accuracy is the reason to play ranger. Being an expert marksman kind of defines the class for me, otherwise I just kind of feel like a zookeeper.
  18. I think the ranger companion Maia has good perception... but most companions have pretty average perception. I have heard you need 20 perception to find all the hidden objects and traps in the game. Makes it so you are kind of forced into perception. I guess you can always just be okay not finding all the hidden objects. It basically just means more gold. Same with mechanics; it is not really needed to get the most powerful items, like in the first game. I am currently playing through a game with no mechanics.
  19. I agree, it is heavy on magic and magic-like effects. At least we are not forced into having all our swords constantly on fire or shooting sparks of lightning, even outside of combat, like in the first game. I guess the developers thought it would be boring having a fighter that just auto-attacked or had some kind of hidden passive buffs. Imagine picking a vanilla fighter at the start of the game. Eder joins you and it is all good. Best buddies fighting side by side against wild boars using sword and spear as the gods intended... then Aloth shows up and fries everything left and right
  20. You do get more gold at higher difficulty, but I don’t think because of any kind of gold/reward scaling. Higher difficulty means more enemies which mean more dropped loot that can be sold for gold.
  21. Monk/wizard - reflect many types of attacks. Ranged with soul mirror, spells with arcane reflection, and melee with blade turning. Wizard deflection buffs allow you to get those misses needed to make soul mirror actually work. Really funny watching enemies kill themselves as they try to attack you Fighter/Wizard - The ultimate protect the party tank with high spell accuracy. Fighter provides extra engagements in the defender stance along with damage reduction. Wizard provides deflection buffs, +20 to all defenses (that stacks with deflection buffs), and +5 armor over a very long durat
  22. Might is the most common one I’ve seen for skill checks where failure actually matters. For example, failure could result in an injury or not being able to investigate a ship, etc. Perception is checked a ton, but it is almost always just flavor text (noticing something) and has no impact. Stealth is checked a lot, but often it doesn't really matter if you succeed or not since eventually you want to confront whoever you are spying on anyway. Note: Athletics is often used along with might in a lot of skill checks, so either/both work. Minor (passive) skills are used a lot for solvin
  23. The problem with +20% recovery time as a penalty for the wizard subclasses is that many illusion and (I think pretty much every single) enchantment school spell has zero recovery. Zero +20% is still zero. That is part of the reason why the evoker subclass is sometimes picked. It is the only subclass that doesn’t bar access to either of those schools. Since those two have virtually all the self-buff spells, you are all set. Buff your defenses and attributes up and then start nuking. The PL penatly also does not apply evenly. For enchantment and illusion spells it only would reduce durati
  24. While some spells are under powered relative to cast time, others are probably faster than they should be. I think cast times are within the right range. Remember, casters are much better at melee now and no longer have gimped health, accuracy, and deflection. They are no longer the glass cannons that must stay protected in the back row. With the fast cast buff spells, casters can be better fighters than fighters for battling it out on the frontline. I like keeping them there holding daggers for the +10 melee deflection. Since you are casting instead of fighting with the dagger, there
  25. Well, the alchemy power level thing may very well be a bug, but the build works perfectly fine even without it; just helps hurry along battles. For more challenge, just use Returning Storm, Nature’s Wrath, etc. They are still powerful enough and have a large enough AOE to eventually kill all enemies over the full duration. I don’t think any of the priest tricks are bugs; they do exactly what the tool tips say. You can argue bad design or balance, but that doesn’t qualify as a bug or exploit in my book. And I don’t see people clammering to play priest and complaining about the class bein
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