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  1. I really wish there was a way in game to 'search' by keywords. Or even just a wiki that had that option. Can be annoying to try and find what spells are affected by a potential new nifty equipment/ability or looking for interesting synergy in multiclassing cases.
  2. That has been around for awhile(and yes it is the gilded enmity that causes it), or at least I was aware of it before I ever first played goldpact. Would be nice to be fixed. I don't swap around between people quite as often as some do, but even I have managed to lose where my paladin was for a second before. I am pretty sure I have had the visibility pop back up before without ending combat or reactivating Gilded Enmity's effect. But I am not sure what caused it or if I am misremembering. Maybe I didn't use Sworn Enemy in that fight. But it could be possible that anything that affects your characters appearance could affect it and reset it. If I end up playing some today I'll play around with it some to see if I remembered correctly or not.
  3. I went the completely original route and called it Defiant 2.0. I admit it. I should have called it Defiant 1.3 or something like that, but I jumped straight to Junk this time and figured that was a big enough upgrade to count as a whole new major number. Now that I have updated the hulls and stuff I probably need to change it to 2.2.1 or something.
  4. Really? I hadn't been holding out much hope for a reprieve here since cross-platform folks often get the short end of the stick if they split. Figured I would have to find a crack if I wanted to get the item(too much effort, too little reward). Worst part for me is I do actually try to keep series on the same platform, but I apparently whoopsied here and managed to split the two by mistake. But anyways I still don't see anything, so pretty sure the different client issue is still there. Unless something special needs to be done.
  5. The op is talking specifically about what the presets pick since the op basically wants a slightly modified version of the preset. As for survival of the fittest. I seem to recall getting the cannon and gift of the machine. Also no breastplate so the devil didn't spare. No one was sacrificed to the blood pool. That said I don't know of any listing of what exactly is set in presets so I can only try and guess from those choices whose effects I recognize in game. Probably this, https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100951-default-history-summary/, is the closest that I have seen, but still rather lacking from what you want.
  6. You know when it comes to ship combat what always comes to mind for me is Cutthroats:Terror on the High Seas. And frankly I think they did ship to ship combat much better. Though it is real time. But the point is that game was all about mobility(for me anyways). Frankly I relied heavily on the smaller ships for combat. Shelling your foes is all good, but it is better if you don't get shelled back. Meanwhile combat here feels like stand and fifty paces and shell. Maybe more realistic, but I find it quite a bit more boring. Out maneuvering foes you really shouldn't be doing battle with and pulling a by the hair of your teeth win was so much more fun. Though it could get boring since once you got it down it wasn't much of a challenge, the smaller ships could keep out of the line of fire easily enough if you were paying attention. Though multiple ships could complicate things. Anyways as it is ship combat feels like a chore here, so I tend to avoid it unless necessary.
  7. Okay. Still gives me no reason to involve myself in any one of them. More realistic would be to broker an alliance between two of them to cut the others out. No doubt that trying to broker an alliance seems realistic. I suppose that a Rauatai-Valian alliance might be possible if the Rauatai agreed to allow the Valians access to luminous adra, while the Rauatai gain control of the area. I suppose that the Huana and Valians could come to a similar agreement. I'm not sure that a Rauatai-Huana agreement would be possible, since the Rauatai want control of the DF, and the Huana obviously wouldn't willingly surrender their sovereignty. And I'm not at all sure that anyone would willingly ally themselves with the Principi. Basically this. I was sad that I couldn't get the Rauatai and Valians to shake hands. So yeah I really wish a good 'diplomat' character could broker agreements rather than just killing crap like a paid mercenary. Lots of tough dialogue checks would be a quite welcome alternative. Like you I agree that the logical alliances would be Rauatai and Valians and Huana and Valians. However, I could see Huana and Valians as willing to work with the Principi. It would require brokering an agreement with the Principi to not target their ally's ships and to focus on their ally's foes though. And that would likely be a tough sell. Furrante would probably be easier to get on board? The Rauatai sound like they would be the hardest to get along with. I can't really see anyone but the Valians truly working with them given the particular circumstances. Errr. . . anyways when I play games I tend to like to play the silver tongued diplomat that can convince folks to work together, so not being able to broker an agreement is sad. At least I can do so between the Bardatto and the Valera.
  8. I agree that the items should be diminishing return based(and that the exact values should be easier to see/discern). I mean skills already have a diminishing return deal with the party assist. Just implement that. That would effectively cap bonuses at +8 if you managed to drive up to 29 in that skill. More realistically folks would have +4-+7 depending on if they heavily invested or just invested little. I think that would be better. Though tweaking exactly how it worked with a particular bonus may be needed. But this way folks don't have to go all in to get a decent bonus and characters suffer a little less for being 'actual' characters rather than min/maxed puppets.
  9. That does beg the question of how my Bleak walker got Mein though. I chose mostly Aggressive/Cruel if they were available and actively avoided Diplomatic for obvious reasons. @Cenic - That was the option I tested the most, since I figured it was the most logical to be the 'big one'. In fact my Wit one came from picking everything clever and then picking diplomatic in the last one. If I picked all clever and then picked the rational one I would get Mein. All Shady options got me Mein as well if I recall. My character was nearly hard locked into Mein. It took aggressively picking everything but a rational or stoic option to get something else and avoid picking those two at all costs to get something else. Except for Ire. I know I had some rational when I got Ire.
  10. Reading the patch notes seems to indicate that thieves in the deadfire were once skilled enough to pickpocket someone's head off them. Surely these folks could steal an amulet from a floating imp. As an aside it would be cool if Imps became a deadfire faction you could support. That would be awesome. Totally would be everyone's go to faction.
  11. So has anyone figured out what decides the Death's Herald variant? I spent a couple reloads at the first God council after you get the defiant up and going and was only able to switch it up between Mein(Perception), Ire(Might), Wit(Intellect), and no upgrade. However, I never did figure out how I was getting it to swap. It doesn't appear to be tied to a single choice(though I didn't do any extensive testing to prove it) and the apparent limitation despite greatly varying my choices could very well imply it is disposition based in at least part. Going through my saves indicates that nearly every one of my characters has had Mein despite their dispositions. My Bleak Walker is Mein. My Clever Pirate is Mein, and my Berath's Priest/Monk that I dropped early is Mein. If it is disposition based I would guess that Mein is tied to rational. Whenever I went full Stoic in that convo I would get no upgrade. And Wit did appear when I focused on Clever responses. But only if I avoided picking any Stoic options and avoided Rational when I could. Stoic would end up with no upgrade or Mein and Ration would also put me in Mein. And don't ask how I got Ire. It only happened once and I couldn't get it to repeat. I had been watching anime and not paying much attention to my choices. So I was curious what choices got that. As a gold pact paladin my Passion and Aggression are 0 so far. This would seem to imply that ether Ire isn't tied to those two, or it is choice and not disposition based. Of course since all those choices are pretty much tied to dispositions that could be clouding the issue.
  12. A bit of a two pronged topic here. 1st do all Burial Sites share the same loot table or does it vary by location? 2nd I had been assuming that Burial Sites are fairly poor. Never got anything other than scrap to sell or what not. Particularly from the first Site by Port Maje. So much so that I have actually skipped clearing it in the past since it is sort off to the side/not on the way. Well today on my int stacking paladin I ran into this beauty. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1407258415 Cloak of the Theocrat +1 INT/RES. By far the most valuable item I have gotten from a generic Burial Site so far. I didn't realize you could get stat items from them, let alone stat items that increase two stats. So the topic? Post your best finds form the generic Burial Sites. I want to see what all you have found. Alternatively share what other random loot you have found at other generic loot locations.
  13. Honestly when it comes to godlike I think they need to introduce General Talents that each one can pick up as they go up in power levels. The bonuses as is are too weak compared to late game gear and if they are powerful enough to compete then they are too much early on. This would end up costing you an ability point or more so the upgrades could be rather potent and unique in comparison to what a base ability could be. And if you had it so that it branched then you give some choice back to the player. Disallowing headgear takes choice away. Talent options give some choice back. To use an example maybe at PL3 the fire godlike could pick to extend 1/2 of their battle forged so that it activated at hurt rather than bloodied. So you could get the shield effect or the armor effect earlier but not both. A PL6 or 7 ability could extend it to always being on. 2-4 damage isn't that much at that point so it being there from the start shouldn't be too bad I would think. Or perhaps if that is too weak for an ability point have it affect the complete package but the choice is between earlier activation or a stronger effect. Such as maybe upgrading damage a bit at the first step and then at the last step granting an addition armor point when bloodied. Moon Godlike could get a boost to healing strength or have it suppress afflictions for x amount of time when it activates. The final step would be more healing or complete affliction removal. Actually that would probably be a bit much, probably leave it as suppress for x and downgrade 1 level when the suppression wears off. Nature could perhaps get options to tie it to HP / make it stronger again. I.E. change the trigger from specific inspirations to having HP triggers versus having it gain additional powerlevel boosts. Such as first gains an addition +1 to healing type spells and eventually the original +2. Death Godlike is the tough one since just increasing the HP thresholds sounds like a bad idea for multiple reasons. That said Pallid fate could possibly have an upgrade option to also increase deflection when bloodied(you become more ethereal the closer you become to death or some such) versus having an automatic revival like Eder's armor. At the very least it would be more interesting if Godlikes got some kind of choice to make up for losing the choice of headgear. And speaking of Godlikes I had a bit of chuckle in my Fire Godlike run I am on. I am literally on fire and appear to have metal skin. Sure Galian. Punch me all you want. I really wish that had a Fire Godlike special response of him burning himself. Would have been hilarious.
  14. Hmm.. If I do a low per character would an accurate weapon(Spear/Dagger/Rapier/Club) or Flail's Arching blows help offset the lower accuracy better? I was originally thinking of doing a spear and shield tank. I do love that set up. It was quite fun to play in Age of Decadence. Sadly it seems the unique spears are late game? Stalker's could probably be obtained early with the 50k blessing, but bleh. I kinda hate jumping all the way up to legendary right off. Anyways Flails are cool too and I, sadly, rarely use them in games. For most builds in PoE I would probably prefer Maces, though maces are kinda lacking in the unique department in comparison. But back to the point how valuable is 10% graze to hit vs. 5 accuracy? The conversion stuff always tends to go over my head in either direction.
  15. I went and did what I probably should have done before posting(though the trap discussion is still very important to me) and looked up all companion and sidekick stats on the gamepedia. Aloth: 12 Eder: 12 Maia: 17(why the crap did I think she had low'ish PER of 13 or so?! I wonder if she had a PER affliction one time in game and I just assumed that was her normal PER?) Pallegina: 14 Serafen: 12 Tekehu: 10 Xoti: 12 Obsidian really likes the number 12 when it comes to Per don't they? And the sidekicks. Fassina: 12 Konstaten: 10 Mirke: 14 Rekke:14 Ydwin: 15 Seems like the sidekicks on average are more perceptive than your companions on average. Maybe that is why they are only willing to become sidekicks. They realize getting too close is likely to drag them into all kinds of crap. Anyways seems like I can just use Maia I was thinking I would have to use Ydwin(I recalled she had higher than average PER) since I thought all the main companions had <15 PER. I haven't ever done Maia's quest either so that would be a new route for me to go down. Obviously watcher per checks will be missed, but as long as I don't get ganked by every trap in game or miss every hidden item I think that is fine. TL;DR - this whole topic probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't somehow thought 15 was the highest possible PER available in companions/sidekicks(I would rather use the fully fleshed out companions so I think Pallegina was queen of Perception at 14). Doh! Darn no Homer smiley.
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