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  1. If you have access to beast of winter, and don't mind lowering the difficulty, you could maybe get away with using Vatnir as your major healer for the latter half of the game. You could even build him as a chanter/priest, and free up the healer and chanter spots. With a solid front line (in most cases, that means a melee PC) you can get away with using Maia in place of Aloth.
  2. As far as companions I'd actually like back: Eder Maia or Kana, both seem unlikely. Konstantin Ydwin Everyone else would be met with halting tolerance, with Rekke or Mirke being on the high end and Tekehu or Grieving mother being on the low.
  3. Aeldys always seemed like the least stable of the faction heads. Castol is an idealogue. Alvari is Ruthless. Karu is ambitious and dismissive. Furrante is a mixture of both VTC heads, with some added charm. Onekaza is a psychic politician. A minor theme of the game is how the new bloods have gotten so much influence by doing stuff too crazy to imagine. Remember that Benwith, the jagoff that starts your whole sad saga is one of hers, and was held in high regard.
  4. I don't really get Monks and Barbarians in the POE interpretation. Having a frontliner you expect to get hurt is just bad thematically, And I've never liked the demands of building barbs around carnage rather than frenzy. I've been lukewarm on rogues and ciphers, but enough time with Ydwin made me really appreciate those classes' synergy.
  5. I did just fine with an Island Aumaua. They liked that I was big. Ydwin and Vatnir will fill in the gaps. include both for some very pointed sniping.
  6. I've never gotten the crew members event and it makes me sad.
  7. Yeah, there aren't a lot of new events until the endgame. It might change some of her dialogue if you select or click on her, or initiate a conversation. but there's nothing interactive. Tis a shame.
  8. Is Mountain Dwarf still the only way to get Constitution resist? Trying to figure out what to take on a Mule's Wit build.
  9. Not sure you wanted it spoiled or not. but: Pretty strange that Furrante of all people comments on finally meeting a dragonslayer.
  10. It is possible to win the fight. Whether it's possible to do solo depends on you.
  11. Meanwhile, I adore Ashley as Ydwin, but abhor her as narrator. It's a lonely road. It helps that she's the only Ydwin I know, but the first game had a better narrator.
  12. RDC is pretty excellent overall, although I don't know if I'd call it the best. 0. Atsura Atsura Atsura. Love him or hate him, he's pretty unique. 1. Investigation in Hasongo, which you have to do anyway. 2. By far the most awesome resolution of the Poko Kahara quest. 3. Maia's quests are one of the high points of writing in this particular game. 4. Exterminating an entire den of slavers for strategic gain (partial credit. Aeldys and the Masks would have you do likewise) 5. A black op on the high seas, transporting precious cargo, only to stick it to some druids and go 20K leagues below. 7.The endgame mission is not a high point, and is a mark against the calculating RDC we sometimes see. It's meh. 8. The final reward goes full Chekov, and is one of the technical wonders of the age. It's Strong start to finish, although Huana and VTC are late bloomers in that you get to destroy an area of the map, and then have a show-trial before or after. While the political ripples of the RDC penultimate may be stronger, it's simply not as fun. The other 3 factions offer some shift in either internal leadership, or priorities, and the notoriously militant RDC doesn't.
  13. The one to the southwest with the cannibals didn't give me a whole lot of trouble. Make sure to hit the shops in Port Maje so you can make your alotted # of bombs/potions.
  14. No one wants to hear it (again) but +10 deflection on a high resolve character makes Nomad's a nice pinch hitter for the price of one enchantment. I tend to agree it's Even Better for fighters with armored grace, but that doesn't make it bad armor.
  15. But guys, didn't you read the guide? It's the worst armor in the game! You're not supposed to use armor for armor or deflection, and tanks never need to leave engagement. Even though Nomad's provides all of that at once. You could be stacking action speed and sucking down healing potions like a real pro! Yeah, I kid. It's the only heavy armor I use regularly. (Reckless Brig is good too, though)
  16. Each one clocked in at about 84 seconds for me. 170 seconds of no damage, using up my heals was impossible to recover from. I don't know what items have arcane cleanse or the like on them. If I did I would have used them. Maybe you have a grimoire with something like that in it?
  17. Is level scaling on or off? With it on she seems to be like 6 levels higher than your party. The worst part from my memory were the 2 LLengrath's safeguards she can cast. If your wizard can nullify those you'll have a better time. I, being brilliant, didn't bring a wizard. Also summon everything you can. Every little bit helps. Especially if she starts healing.
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